Thoughts On American Election Day; By A Brit Who Wants Her Cake With Rainbows & Smiles

It’s finally here, the day that’s been looming over us for what seems like decades, but it can’t have been, right?! (I really don’t know anymore…). It is, of course, election day in the USA. I use ‘us’ collectively; because whilst I am not an American citizen, I live in a world where almost every major decision made across the ocean either directly or indirectly impacts us all. Whilst it may not be my right to say so, I implore my American friends – of which there are many – to really think carefully about where they cast their vote today.

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The Power Of Music: 10 Songs That Take Me Somewhere*

Music is something I honestly don’t think that I could bring myself to live without. Whilst the loss of sight would potentially be the worst sense to lose from a practical perspective – and taste may well be the most heartbreaking – losing my hearing would close the doors to so much of my enjoyment and social life. Over the years, some songs have impacted me more than others; and I believe it’s inherent in the beauty of music itself that it can really speak to you. As a writer, something that’s remarkable lyrically will always catch my attention – acting essentially as poetry with a melody. Sometimes, it’s far more basic than that. Sometimes, music just has this power to transport you somewhere in time. It’s perfect. Continue reading


How To To Pack Up Your Life & Leave Literally Everything

Just over six months ago, I got on a plane departing from London Heathrow towards Australia. If we’re going to be technical, the plane was actually headed to Shanghai… but my final destination was Sydney. The last six months have shown me that anything is possible, and so here I am. Still. Sydney is my new home… for now.

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My Bucket List: Achievements & Goals

Back in May of 2014, I wrote a Bucket List for my life. It’s been really interesting seeing what I’ve achieved so far, and of course, what I haven’t. Whilst some things have definitely changed and now seem far away (ahem…marriage and kids), I have time to work on those aspects in the future, and my priorities aren’t what they once were. In fact, I’m actually at the point where I realise that to live my life fully, I just need to let it happen.

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Keeping Women Safe In The Online Dating World

Online dating is everywhere, and we all know someone who’s met their partner from a dating site. Now that it’s no longer confined to seedy chatrooms or creepy little corners of the Internet, basically everyone is doing it. I’ve personally not had much chance to experience the ins and outs of it all (aside from playing around a little with Plenty of Fish many years ago), but I can see the appeal. It’s a great way to find people and get to know them beforehand, and you can filter people easily based on what you’re looking for. Sounds great? Yeah, it’s awesome. But we all know the risks, especially as women.

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The Free Stuff Referendum

Let’s say that I’m in power and I announce that tomorrow, we’re going to have a vote. It’s called the ‘Free Stuff Referendum’ and it’s basically on whether bullying school children is going to be made an act that can’t be punished. Except I don’t call it that, because as well as promising that you could potentially now bully children without consequences, there would also be free chocolate/alcohol for everyone, every day…

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Goodbye, My Future

I’ve not blogged in what seems like an eternity but I woke up, like many of you, feeling majorly incensed. I feel like in the grand scheme of things, this day will be etched into our collective consciousness forever. A flashbulb memory, if you will. “Where were you when you heard…?” There’s an eerie chill in the air that I could not have possibly imagined, just last night. I say all of this from halfway around the world, which is perhaps for the best. Today is the day my country chose to leave Europe. The word ‘Brexit’, once humourless and tacky – but seemingly innocent and innocuous nonetheless – now represents the tasteless shame I believe we all should hold. It’s physically daunting.

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20 Things We Miss About Parahoy 2016!

So, Parahoy 2 has now been and gone, and I for one can’t get over it. We collectively have so many memories, and we’ve made so many new friends. Yet again, Parahoy was something incredibly special. Alumni like myself will relate; Parahoy as an experience is how I imagine motherhood. You love both of your children equally, despite the fact that they are both so, so different. I’d found myself worrying that this time wouldn’t live up to the last, but Parahoy 1 and Parahoy 2 are two totally different things, and each was special in their own unique way. Before I get on with my list, I wanted to direct everyone to my coverage printed in Rock Sound. As a writer, it was awesome to get officially accredited with a media pass to integrate further into this cruise. But anyway. I wrote about the things we were dying to do this time around, so here’s the round up of the things we miss now that it’s all over – ugh! Continue reading