20 Things We’re Dying To Do On Parahoy 2016

Parahoy 2016: It’s coming! Whether you’ve got a ticket for this incredible extravaganza or not, you can’t deny that the premise is absolutely INCREDIBLE, and the average Paramore fan would most likely give their record collection or snip off their brightly coloured hair to be able to attend. What is it? It’s a Sixthman cruise, a festival, and a party, all in one – with Paramore. Wow. Now that the Parahoy 2016 schedule has finally been released, I’m already thinking about what I want to do most (even though I know I’m probably going to be too hungover for some of the daytime activities). So, whether you’re playing pretend or you’re literally getting on board, here are the top picks of activities and fun things to do at the best event ever – round two!

1. Catch Both Paramore Shows

Whether you’re a superfan or you just really, really like them (I’m the latter, although it’s a little more like ‘love’), it’s undeniable that Paramore are the star attraction. Parahoy 2016 wouldn’t be happening without these guys, and although it’s now just Hayley and Taylor (slight sad face…), you still know they’re absolutely going to bring it. 2014′s sail-away show brought me the closest I’ve ever been to a natural high, whilst the second show was a real treat of all those hidden gems we thought we may never hear. I’m scared we’ll never recreate that magic, but I can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeves this time!


2. Meet Paramore

Okay, so I know that this one is the main event for a lot of fans, and in fairness it is pretty awesome that we get to meet the band this time around for Parahoy 2016. Throwing a photo op in with a little Meet & Greet was genius, and probably all that was missing from the last cruise. I’m just really hoping that I haven’t got the 11am photo slot, because I’m gonna look like a damn mess if I do. Can someone please see to that?!

*Sixthman, I’m looking at you…


3. Catch The Activities With Hayley & Taylor

Are you spotting a theme here? Wellll, you kinda should since the whole thing is a Paramore themed cruise; keep up! Whether you’re desperate to play Musical Squares (I’m not entirely sure what this is), or you want to make a splash at the Belly Flop Contest, there are loads to do with your favourite band. Of course, the main attractions in this respect are Paraoke and the Q&A. Ten lucky fans will get a chance to sing for Paramore, and it’s bound to be heaps of fun for everyone! Then when it comes to the Q&A, be prepared to find out stuff about this duo on Parahoy 2016 that you’ve never imagined before!

4. See All The Other Bands

Have you seen that line up? Whether you’re a newbie to the supporting acts or a seasoned veteran, Parahoy is essentially a music festival on a freaking boat. New Found Glory, Lights, Chvrches, X Ambassadors, Vacationer and MeWithoutYou are all going to be performing, so that’s a whole lot of bloody brilliant music to stick your ears into. I’m personally a huge Lights fan of many years now, and NFG have always been a fave as well. They definitely proved their place last time anyway, and I’m super glad to have them back and to welcome along all these others as well.


5. Prom Night!

Is it a prom? Is it a masquerade ball? Well it’s both, but most of all it’s a Paraprom (big fan of ParaPuns…), so we do it in style! It’s time to get suited and booted, wearing your finest gear along with a mask on Parahoy 2016! If you were too shy to attend your own prom, here’s your second chance (or third, if you came last time). Don’t worry if your gown isn’t princess perfect; it’s all about having a great time. This time they’ll be crowning a Prom Queen and King, so you just know that’ll be a fun ride as well.


Some of my friends and me on the last cruise!

6. Catch Some Comedians

Last time the comedians were some of my favourite forms of entertainment on the cruise, which is a tall order considering that this is literally a dream musical affair. I found Doug Benson and Jacob Sirof especially hilarious, and a personal highlight for me was assisting Doug in a put down of the only jerk on the boat in front of an audience. I’ve yet to check out Eli Olsberg and Chris Garcia, but I could always use a laugh and so I won’t be missing either of them. I recommend you don’t either!

7. Have Fun In Mexico!

I’ve never been to Mexico, and so I’m super excited to tick another country off my bucket list. Although the ship docks in a rather touristy area, Cozumel, it looks absolutely stunning. I’m personally signed up to one of the INCREDIBLE excursions which will see me visiting some Mayan ruins on Mexico’s clear-water Caribbean coast. Since I’m going with my Archaeologist friend, I’m sure I’ll be super psyched for this. Did I mention that the area is stunning? My only tip for Mexico would be to get off the damn boat and do something. Seriously; please don’t hang around on deck like last time. Make the most of this travel opportunity!



8. Party Like It’s 1996

Everyone loved the nineties, right? I mean, some of the best people were born back then…. ahem. In case you weren’t even around then (because I guess that’s a possibility now that I’m just OLD), it was basically a time of the Spice Girls, chokers, bad hair… and other British imports. In all seriousness, there may have been some questionable fashion choices, but many of these trends are seriously back in for 2016. That’s why there’s no better time as any to celebrate such a fab decade (which I guess is now officially seen as retro)! Whether you’ll be headed to 90′s ‘Name That Tune’ or you’ll just be rocking double denim, this theme is bound to be popular on board Parahoy 2016!

9. Headphone Disco

Never been to a silent headphone disco? It’s a surreal experience, but you absolutely must give it a try for Parahoy 2016. I personally LOVE it. It’s super bizarre. Basically, everyone is given a pair of headphones upon entry to a room. Two or more DJs play their mixes, but the only way to hear them is to put on the headphones and choose the track you like best. You can switch whenever you want, and there’s always a little healthy competition as to whose songs are going down better. If you came on Parahoy last time, you’ll know how fun this is, especially if you watch people dancing seemingly out of time with one another or if you remove your headphones to hear people singing along to various different stuff!


10. Fueled By Ramen Presents: Nashville Is The Reason

Two party events in a row?! I’m a party girl so what is upppp?! I’m always berating America’s lack of ‘alt nights’ as we call them here, so I’m essentially over the moon that there’s going to be an alternative rock and emo night on board. I’m told we can expect much-loved tracks by our fave 00′s artists (yes please), and the bonus is that it’s presented by Fueled By Ramen. Plus; we all love Nashville, right? I know I sure do! A perfect sendoff on the last night of Parahoy 2016; let’s hope, anyway.

11. Activities With The Other Artists

I genuinely can’t wait to try Bingo with Chvrches (if I can drag myself out of bed on time… seriously, it’s an issue). Bingo’s a lot of fun for people other than just your grandmother, so this will be a proper giggle. I’ve personally got my eye on Pop Culture Trivia with Lights, even though I suck at any kind of general knowledge.


Food is possibly my favourite thing about the world, second to the people I love, and tied only with music and travel. Parahoy 2016 will bring together all of these elements! It really is a dream come true. I love buffet style dining because there are just SO. MANY. OPTIONS, plus there’s an unlimited soft-serve ice cream machine. I personally really got on board with the dining last time (how many times can I make that pun, it’s not even that funny…), and there were choices for everyone. It’s not just the buffet either, you can have a sit down meal, and even other stuff I’m told now, too. We got our drunk food fix above the atrium every night, so you’ll never go hungry. Side note – if you can afford it, opt for at least one speciality restaurant whilst you’re there. I personally loved the Ultimate Dining Package last time, as it really allowed me to eat fancy. The only problem was finding someone to come with me!


13. Drink Frozen Cocktails & Other Drinks

One of the only things I’d change about Parahoy is that drinks aren’t included, but the positive point is that they’re not very expensive at all. I think I was paying $5-8 per drink last time, and I imagine it’ll be relatively similar for Parahoy 2016. Go for the frozen strawberry daiquiris (21+ or British and my friend) and you won’t be disappointed! Pro tip? Make sure to have the amazing staff bring something nice and chilled to your hot tub. You’ll feel like royalty! Drink responsibly, etc.


14. Late Nights Staying Up To Watch The Sunrise

I don’t sleep normally at the best of times, but when your days and nights are filled with so much fun, it’s literally impossible for me to rest at a normal time. Even if you’re not a night owl/party animal, I seriously recommend staying up to watch the sunrise over the ocean at least once. It’s just magical!

15. Play Dress Up

SO. MANY. THEME. NIGHTS. I’ve touched already upon the 90′s and Masquerade themes, but you’ve also got Rep Your Roots and Heroes and Villains as well. If you love a good costume party, why not tie it in with everything else you love as well?! I will say that if you don’t feel comfortable going all out, don’t worry – you won’t feel excluded as it’s totally your choice.


We rocked the 80′s last time!

16. The Pool Deck & Hot Tubs

Pool partyyyyy! During the day when you’re not rushing around heading to activities or shows, the pool deck is the place to be. Whether you want to do a spot of tanning or you’re more interested in joining the dance party, there’s loads to be seen and done. Splashing around in the little pool is always a fun option, and those hot tubs are the perfect way to relax. Warning: they may seem to be always occupied (often by the same people), but I hope you get at least one shot!


17. Karaoke & Acoustic Singalongs

One of my fondest memories of the maiden voyage of Parahoy has to be making music with other cruisers. I’ve always been a singer, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to collaborate with other talented people. You can’t walk through the halls of Parahoy without joining an acoustic singalong or seeing someone with a guitar to go have a jam with. There’s even organized events for it, plus Karaoke for a good laugh. Trust me, these will be some of the best bits.


18. Washy Washy, Happy Happy!

If you weren’t on the first Parahoy, it probably looks like I’ve gone insane. However, the staff of your ship, the Norwegian Pearl, really help to shape your experience. Every time you eat, you’ll be greeted with a smile and a chorus of ‘washy washy, happy happy!” It’s basically a nice lady or man who’ll spray your hands with a sanitizer; but it’s all part of the fun. At least I hope it’s still a thing for Parahoy 2016?!

19. See All Of Our Friends, Meet New Ones, & Make Memories

Parahoy allowed me to meet friends from all over the world and I honestly get all kinds of emotional thinking about it. Sometimes I panic that things won’t be the same (after all, some of my friends from last time won’t be there), but I just know there are so many good times to be had with people new and old. I beg you – please don’t just stick with the people you came with. You’ll restrict yourself so much and miss out on such a huge part of the experience. The people I met last time live all over the world, and I’ve been blessed to visit loads of them and call them my best friends. If you let them, they’ll enrich your lives! I’m so looking forward to feeling popular on this ship – it doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll fit in!


20. Change Our Lives!

I’ve written before about how Parahoy has the power to change your life, as well as music in general, so I won’t go into too much detail here. What I will say is that even if you only get to experience half the stuff I’ve put on this list, simply being on board and in this atmosphere will be enough to change you forever. Let Parahoy 2016 open doors. Let it take you to places both physically and metaphorically that you never would have imagined possible. And let it remind you what it is to have a dream come true.

I can’t possibly cover it all – what are you most excited for?

See you March 5th, and if I won’t? Don’t worry; as part of the official media team, I’ll be sure to cover how it went! 

*Images courtesy of Sixthman and Parahoy