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Travel: California, Here We Come…

So, I’ve basically pretty much sucked at blogging this past few weeks, which is bad and not at all how I intend to carry on. In my defense, I’ve kind of been busy!

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had an obsession with the USA. I remember being really young and annoying the hell out of everyone with my fake American accent (which thankfully, for the record, has improved!), but these days I spend most of my time and money relishing in the fact that I’m British, but over in America itself. I can’t get enough. Typically, I travel alone and stay with friends, which I am so blessed to have in several different parts of the country. This visit was no exception.

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Food: Hickory’s Smokehouse, Rhos-On-Sea, Wales – Review

Whatever you’re expecting to find in a quaint little seaside town in North Wales, it most likely isn’t a full-blown American Smokehouse. But that’s exactly where we had our Sunday lunch on our recent trip to Wales, and I seriously couldn’t be happier about it!

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