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Sexism In The Alternative Music Scene Exists: But So Does Hypocrisy.

Something came to my attention this evening; a post about two things really close to my heart. Sexism and the music industry. The article, written for Vice, points out the fact that in many ways, they’ve come to be truly connected, especially in the ‘alt’ community. Whilst I appreciate, as a feminist, that this is a post that needed to be written in some form, I contest some of the things that were written, not least because it attacks some of the people closest to me in my life. I’m not in denial or making excuses though, except where I feel it’s necessary – which is why I’m aiming to put across a reasonable, balanced argument about the whole thing, and about a lifestyle I feel I have a huge insight into. Continue reading

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Food: San Carlo, Leicester – Review

San Carlo has been my favorite non-Michelin starred restaurant for a few years now, with its delicious and classic Italian menu. Although this family owned restaurant isn’t a chain by any means, its success has driven it to open in several locations. Leicester was the third I’ve visited, along with Liverpool and Bristol…

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Feminism: A 101 Crash Course On My Views & Why I’m Training To Be A Rape Support Worker

As many of you will probably know, I have identified as a feminist (the liberal kind who believes in gender equality and NOT superiority) for quite some time now, maybe a couple of years. I’ve decided to get more actively involved and try to make a physical difference by working in the field of what remains a highly feminist issue – rape support.

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