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Losing A Close Friend: Five Years On

This is a post I wasn’t sure whether to write, but I personally DO write when there’s something I need to say, and that’s the point. Five years ago today, I lost one of my best friends, Faye Josephine Ogden. Only, I didn’t ‘lose’ her, she died, at just 20 years old. When she was a bit younger, it started as Ovarian cancer, and things seemed to look up after she bravely had all of her treatment. Sadly, the cancer then spread very suddenly after we thought she was in remission, and it attacked all of her organs. One part of me can’t believe it’s been so long, but the other part feels like so much has changed. I’m going to tell you Faye’s story, and how mine has changed forever since her passing. 

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Ai Fiori, Manhattan, New York City

I’m becoming a Michelin Star restaurant fiend. If that’s a faux pas to make a big thing about, sue me. If I’m going to spend a large proportion of my income on food, I’m going to shout about it. You see, whilst I’m more than comfortable enough to go to these types of places, my bank account still notices. I’m not exactly a millionaire. I’m happy with that though, because Ai Fiori, my third ever Michelin Starred restaurant is memorable to me, because I don’t get to taste food like this every day.

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Parahoy: One Year On & How Music Can REALLY Change Lives

If we could go back to my teenage years and ask me precisely what I wanted to do with my life, I’d say absolutely, categorically, that I wanted a career I could be happy in, the opportunity to travel, and the chance to keep on seeing the bands I love, preferably around the world. Nothing’s changed. I’m lucky in that at 25, I’m at least sort of living that dream. Sure, I may be slightly jaded, even disenfranchised somewhat, but stories like this one that I’m about to tell continue to give me hope. In fact, it’s a ton of stories, intertwined into one, inspired by a common love. My one wish is that this hope never dies.

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