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Famous People Can Rape, Too.

… But thankfully, this is very rare. Okay, so this blog post is something I’ve thought about for a while, though obviously not in this context, but that’s been today’s inspiration. I logged into Twitter, and I saw that #WeKnowTheRealHarry was trending. After a bit of investigation, I saw that One Direction fans are going crazy because Harry Styles, one of their members, has been accused of rape. The inspiration behind this post is that I wanted to explore exactly why ‘knowing the real’ person in ANY case doesn’t actually mean anything when it comes to this terrible crime.

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24 Hours In Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee is one of my favorite cities in the entire world. I had visited once before, aged 21, and I’ve been dying to go back ever since. This time, I got to see and do even more, and I think everyone ought to experience it for themselves. If you are visiting briefly, as part of a road trip like we were, here’s how to enjoy this amazing place in just one day!

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5 Reasons FRONT Magazine Needs To Call It A Day

So, I’ve debated writing this post. Is it unprofessional? Is it childish? To be honest, after a lot of deliberation, I’m going to say no. Given the absolutely shocking conduct of FRONT Magazine in recent months since its reformation, I’m going to go out on a limb and assert that if an allegedly ‘professional’ magazine can behave the way they do in public, I can calmly call them out on it; also in public. As a writer myself, I find it completely disrespectful to the industry that people can get away with the absolute joke that is the recent publishing of FRONT. Here’s why…

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