Monthly Archives: June 2016


The Free Stuff Referendum

Let’s say that I’m in power and I announce that tomorrow, we’re going to have a vote. It’s called the ‘Free Stuff Referendum’ and it’s basically on whether bullying school children is going to be made an act that can’t be punished. Except I don’t call it that, because as well as promising that you could potentially now bully children without consequences, there would also be free chocolate/alcohol for everyone, every day…

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Goodbye, My Future

I’ve not blogged in what seems like an eternity but I woke up, like many of you, feeling majorly incensed. I feel like in the grand scheme of things, this day will be etched into our collective consciousness forever. A flashbulb memory, if you will. “Where were you when you heard…?” There’s an eerie chill in the air that I could not have possibly imagined, just last night. I say all of this from halfway around the world, which is perhaps for the best. Today is the day my country chose to leave Europe. The word ‘Brexit’, once humourless and tacky – but seemingly innocent and innocuous nonetheless – now represents the tasteless shame I believe we all should hold. It’s physically daunting.

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