About Me

So, I’m Claire Louise; an experience-collector with a penchant for family, friends, fun, fashion and feminism – or for the terminology sticklers, basic human equality. I’m especially passionate about travel and music; preferably combined, but I know that the most important thing about life is making the most of it with the people around you.

I grew up in the North West of England, but I always had dreams to leave my hometown. I went to University in Liverpool, did odd jobs in Manchester, worked in Social Media in Leeds, and had a lovely life in the less than lovely Peterborough which now seems like a lifetime ago. I moved to London, but soon left to save money and escape; and now I’ve found myself living in Sydney, Australia.

I’m a number of different things, depending on the time of day! My work will never define me; but I’m a Freelance Writer for a range of clients, a Music Journalist for a couple of sites, and I also create and edit the content for the websites of big organisations. Then there’s the spontaneous trips I take, volunteer work, and assorted projects I’ve found myself involved in over the years, Previous guises have included stuff like Content Strategist, Cheerleader, Camp Councelor in New York and even Singer in a band, but I’m open to most stuff.

Finally, I’m someone who loves adventure, so I’m rarely ever sitting still…