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(An) Ultimate Food Tour Of New York

Weird title, huh? Of course I can’t claim to definitively give a guide to where to eat in New York. That would be insane! It’s such a huge place, and I was only there a few days. I can, however, give insight into a few of the greatest places I ate – and wanted to eat - during my recent trip to New York City!

Whether you’re on a budget, or you have cash to splash, I’ve got you covered with a range of different restaurants to try. My tastes tend to be steaks, Italians and high end dining – so those types of places tend to be over represented in this list – sorry! There are of course an absolute million (probably) of other places you can try instead, and I’d head to Chinatown or Little Italy to make a start on those. We were spoiled for choice and unfortunately just didn’t get time. In the meantime, I really recommend these for your own personal NYC food tour…

Ai Fiori

As a Michelin star restaurant, it’s really no surprise that this delicious, contemporary Italian is high on my list of my favorite meals I’ve ever eaten.

IMG_1117Describing the food more accurately as ‘Riviera cuisine’, dishes are inspired by aspects of the Riviera in both France and Italy.

IMG_1120You get four courses for $97 – which I don’t think is bad at all, considering UK fine dining prices – and quality is exemplary for each.


Just remember, service in a place like this DEMANDS a tip, for my UK readers, so make sure you account for 15-20% as standard, or more if it truly deserves it.


You’ll leave suitably full, and you’ll be tended to with care throughout. What more could you ask for? I’ll be posting a review in full, so keep your eyes peeled – and don’t forget, like with many of these places, you’ll need to make an advanced reservation!

The Old Homestead

This little gem of a steakhouse is located, fittingly, in the Meat Packing District, and it proudly boasts being the oldest steakhouse in the whole of Manhattan. Describing beef as a ‘way of life’, there’s really no escaping the fact that if you come here, you’re going to order meat… and lots of it. Probably not a vegetarian’s best friend, but carnivores? Well, you’re in for a treat. Order the Porterhouse for two – I promise you won’t regret it. Our server was super attentive and friendly, and more than willing to give us a lowdown on the history of the place (it’s been open since 1868 and has only changed hands once!). Now, possibly the most touching thing was the fact that they weren’t even meant to be open when we showed up, but they honored our reservation anyway and opened up just for us, as they forgot when we booked. This is indicative of the sort of place it is, and we truly appreciated it – they really deserve their self proclaimed title of ‘King Of Beef’.


Peter Luger Steakhouse

I toyed with the idea of including this one, because for me, it was so overrated. Rude staff, inability to take our debit cards, and honestly slightly bland steak made me really think it wasn’t worth the rep. However, it’s renowned as being one of the best steakhouses, so I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt. I ordered off the lunch menu, and perhaps that was my fatal error.



If you fancy heading over to Brooklyn for their dinner offerings, by all means, it’s supposed to be amazing.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is heaven – quite literally the stuff of dreams! You can find every type of food imaginable, all under one roof, conveniently right by the High Line park. It’s like the best market in the world – so many different types of food, snacks, sweet treats and more, for you to take home or eat in. There’s something for all taste buds – sweet, savoury, vegan, vegetarian, organic, and everything in between, covering the world over. You could eat lunch here every day for a week and still not scratch the surface! It’s so unique, and unlike some markets, it’s fresh, quality stuff, and the atmosphere is amazing. It isn’t just food, either – it’s also a bit of a flea market. There are a few cute vintage clothing and art stores, and it’s got a very boho chic feel. Everyone from the hip to hippies to hipsters will fit in, and oh yeah – it’s randomly home to one of YouTube’s offices! But back to the food…

IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1391 IMG_1390 IMG_1388




Many thanks to Emma Inks for talking about this in her blog – it inspired my visit and I’m SO glad I went!

Todd English’s Food Hall

This is a bit of a secret. Despite being in The Plaza, it’s hidden in a vault… shhh! It’s super close to Central Park, and right next to some of the nicer hotels facing onto the park’s edge. However, I reckon you’d never notice it unless you were told (my friend, a local showed me!). It reminds me a little of the food court in Selfridge’s in London – it’s filled with high end desserts, cheesecakes, macaroons, bubble teas and so on. You’re bound to find something you enjoy, whether it’s for yourself or a gift especially for a loved one. Even just having  a look around is fun, too, a bit like window eating. Is that a thing?

IMG_1246 IMG_1243

Angelo’s Pizza

We wanted real New York pizza, and we got it! This place is rather unassuming from the outside, but you can get gorgeous, thin cut pizza made with any toppings you’d like for a decent price. Our large pizza actually did three of us (for lunch), and the servers were every bit as warm and welcome as you’d want from Italians.


Hard Rock Cafe

It’s the ultimate tourist cliché, but the Hard Rock is a must-visit in any city. Set in the heart of Times Square, it may well be a little overpriced for tourists, but you get a glimpse into the typical American meat feast to kick start your love affair with food there! The service is cheery, music videos are blaring, and the staff are a little quirky – to be honest, it could be any city in the world, but the fact it’s New York makes it that much cooler. I try and visit wherever I go, just to tick each one off my list!

Hale & Hearty Soup

Looking for the perfect lunch spot but don’t want to get caught up eating all day? Bored of the usual lunch choices? Hale & Hearty Soup is a chain with a difference, providing fresh and unique soups, salads, and sandwiches. There are new specials every day, meaning there’s something different all the time! I’m not a salad person, but the way you can literally choose every ingredient and the dressing and then have it chopped in front of you is such a cool concept to me. I know this isn’t really anything new these days, but I’m hooked on the place since I first tried it back in 2009, so I always recommend it. Plus, it’s a pretty healthy lunch as far as I’m concerned (although I did have a slice of pizza about half an hour later…). They’re dotted all over the city, so have a look and see where your nearest is when you go!

Buffalo Wild Wings

This is a total chain, but it’s my actual fave. Addictive in the same casual-dining way as Nandos over here, Buffalo Wild Wings has an absolute ton of different tasty flavors to try. I highly recommend Parmesan Garlic and Honey BBQ. Make sure you go boneless, too. In my eyes, the only way to do it as I don’t do food mess – sorry!

I personally love American food – the taste, the variety, the portion sizes.. EVERYTHING! What do you think? xx