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Keeping Women Safe In The Online Dating World

Online dating is everywhere, and we all know someone who’s met their partner from a dating site. Now that it’s no longer confined to seedy chatrooms or creepy little corners of the Internet, basically everyone is doing it. I’ve personally not had much chance to experience the ins and outs of it all (aside from playing around a little with Plenty of Fish many years ago), but I can see the appeal. It’s a great way to find people and get to know them beforehand, and you can filter people easily based on what you’re looking for. Sounds great? Yeah, it’s awesome. But we all know the risks, especially as women.

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#ConsentIs: Consent At University & Beyond

*TRIGGER WARNING* We’re in education for years and years and most of us leave with a decent knowledge of Pythagoras’ Theorem and how to list what’s in our pencil case in about three different languages – without having any real-world skills. I’m serious. I’ve never once used that stuff, but taxes, mortgages, and basically anything I genuinely need to be an adult is pretty alien to me. However, you can make mistakes along the way with all that stuff. One thing you can’t mess up is sexual consent. It’s not a joke, and yet it’s rarely discussed, and as a new academic year begins, I think it’s time we changed things.

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An Open Letter To Men’s Rights Activists

Are you a Men’s Rights Activist? Hi, this piece is aimed at you. Please sit down and read before you make any judgements. Yes, you. I can sense your indignation already, and I’m just waiting for the ‘Feminazi’ comments to start rolling in. However, I can assure you that I’m nothing of the sort – I mean for starters, I’ve never practiced mass genocide in the name of a cause I believe in.

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There’s No Justice In Rape

Your brother has an affair with a married woman. What do you do? Tell him he’s an idiot, or perhaps that he’s playing with fire? Or do you support him whilst telling him he’s making a big mistake? Perhaps there are circumstances as to why this has happened and you don’t feel it’s your place to judge? Or perhaps you simply don’t care – after all, it’s not your life. But what if it was made your business in the worst way? What if, simply because of your brother’s indiscretions, you were going to be raped? 

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Famous People Can Rape, Too.

… But thankfully, this is very rare. Okay, so this blog post is something I’ve thought about for a while, though obviously not in this context, but that’s been today’s inspiration. I logged into Twitter, and I saw that #WeKnowTheRealHarry was trending. After a bit of investigation, I saw that One Direction fans are going crazy because Harry Styles, one of their members, has been accused of rape. The inspiration behind this post is that I wanted to explore exactly why ‘knowing the real’ person in ANY case doesn’t actually mean anything when it comes to this terrible crime.

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Yes, I’m A Feminist. But Page 3? Leave Women Be!

Page 3 is a debate I’ve kept out of a fair bit, simply because people ‘expect’ I will feel one way or the other. It’s just not really my place. I may have strong views on feminism, but first and foremost, the brand I most subscribe to is that of personal choice – empowering women to make decisions for themselves and not becoming yet another person (male or female) who tries to make decisions for them. However, much like the time I spoke out against criticisms of the Alt World, while also covering the very real sexism concerns, I think I’d like to address both sides of the coin on this one, too. Ultimately, I don’t want to shout something from the rooftops simply to make a point, when very real people’s feelings could get hurt on either side. Sensitivity, people. SENSITIVITY! So, here’s my ’2p’ on Page 3…

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Sexism In The Alternative Music Scene Exists: But So Does Hypocrisy.

Something came to my attention this evening; a post about two things really close to my heart. Sexism and the music industry. The article, written for Vice, points out the fact that in many ways, they’ve come to be truly connected, especially in the ‘alt’ community. Whilst I appreciate, as a feminist, that this is a post that needed to be written in some form, I contest some of the things that were written, not least because it attacks some of the people closest to me in my life. I’m not in denial or making excuses though, except where I feel it’s necessary – which is why I’m aiming to put across a reasonable, balanced argument about the whole thing, and about a lifestyle I feel I have a huge insight into. Continue reading

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Feminism: A 101 Crash Course On My Views & Why I’m Training To Be A Rape Support Worker

As many of you will probably know, I have identified as a feminist (the liberal kind who believes in gender equality and NOT superiority) for quite some time now, maybe a couple of years. I’ve decided to get more actively involved and try to make a physical difference by working in the field of what remains a highly feminist issue – rape support.

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