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Parahoy: One Year On & How Music Can REALLY Change Lives

If we could go back to my teenage years and ask me precisely what I wanted to do with my life, I’d say absolutely, categorically, that I wanted a career I could be happy in, the opportunity to travel, and the chance to keep on seeing the bands I love, preferably around the world. Nothing’s changed. I’m lucky in that at 25, I’m at least sort of living that dream. Sure, I may be slightly jaded, even disenfranchised somewhat, but stories like this one that I’m about to tell continue to give me hope. In fact, it’s a ton of stories, intertwined into one, inspired by a common love. My one wish is that this hope never dies.

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Paramore Owned 2014. Here’s Why!

There are seemingly an abundance of bands I could have chosen to write about to end the year 2014, but there’s only one band I feel qualified to write about in such detail, only one band who have seemingly dominated the year the way this one has, and, if I’m bloody honest, only one band who deserve to be admired to the point that I’d say they “owned” an entire year. Of course, I’m talking about Paramore. Who else? If you don’t believe they’re deserving of this ‘Band Of The Year’ type accolade, you might have to rethink your stance after reading this and truly taking in everything they’ve achieved…

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Sexism In The Alternative Music Scene Exists: But So Does Hypocrisy.

Something came to my attention this evening; a post about two things really close to my heart. Sexism and the music industry. The article, written for Vice, points out the fact that in many ways, they’ve come to be truly connected, especially in the ‘alt’ community. Whilst I appreciate, as a feminist, that this is a post that needed to be written in some form, I contest some of the things that were written, not least because it attacks some of the people closest to me in my life. I’m not in denial or making excuses though, except where I feel it’s necessary – which is why I’m aiming to put across a reasonable, balanced argument about the whole thing, and about a lifestyle I feel I have a huge insight into. Continue reading

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Music: You Know You’re In The Paramore Fandom When…

Paramore are my second favorite band, but the amount I talk about them, you’d think they were the only band I’ve ever heard of. Since my first taste in 2006, I’ve been hooked! If you’re friends with me, there’s about a 50% chance that we bonded through this group, in some way or another. Perhaps through fangirling over one of the below activities. Loads of people ‘like’ Paramore, but this year, I’ve seen that it can go way, way beyond that. Want to know if you’re in the Paramore ‘Fandom’? If you’re not sure already, here’s the test…

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