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Confession Time: I’m A Beauty Beginner

I feel like I’m in one of those confession boxes my Catholic friends used to have to visit when we were younger. As a blogger, I feel like you’re supposed to know everything about beauty, even when it’s not really your niche. “Oh yes!”, I’m supposed to nod “The MAC collection really is fantastic for people with that skin tone, but Benefit is far better for mine!”. Or something. (Am I even doing that right?). For all my sins, I’ll be honest: when it comes to most things beauty, I’ve always been a little… clueless. However, it’s not that I haven’t taken an interest, and so I’ve vowed that in 2015, it’s the year I’m finally going to educate myself.

I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t wear make up – at all – at least a few days a week. Other days, I’ll give a half hearted attempt with a bit of gloss and mascara, but it’s only really when I’m going somewhere cool that I’ll put in the effort. Now, depending on how interesting my life is at any given point, depends on how often that actually is. What I will say, however, is that since moving to Peterborough, I’ve worn it even less because I don’t get the ‘city’ vibe that usually encourages me to put it on (don’t ask…).



See? I own make up and don’t look like a clown… hopefully!

I’m lucky in that I tend to have good skin without a lot of effort (I only really like water, so that probably does wonders!), and I’m a pretty confident person, so not wearing make up can suit me well.

On the days I do get chance to put on a full face, I’ll admit, I feel prettier. I know I look better with it on, but a part of me is just way too lazy! Putting on make up before work seems pointless, because it’s hard enough to get me up in the mornings, without having to drag myself out of bed five minutes earlier (… what do you mean it’s supposed to take more than five minutes?!).

Don’t get me wrong – when it comes to other stereotypically ‘girly’ things, I’m into hair, and know a lot about it (again, when I can be bothered to bother). I even worked in a salon for a year! I get my nails done regularly, and I love little trinkets for the bath and my skin and stuff, as well as clothes. My eyelashes are done whenever I go on holiday, too – which is often – and so for a low maintenance girl, I have my moments where I’m less low-key!

Surprisingly, I’m also actually no stranger to make up. When I was younger, I dabbled in it a whole lot more, as most teenagers do. When I was 12, I could not go without lip gloss (remember Bonne Belle?!). By 13, it was thick black eyeliner (basically goth warpaint!). When I started going to bars at 17/18, I was buying the most expensive stuff I could afford, but not knowing how to use it. And somewhere along the way, I got lost, and just did the same old thing with the same old brands, from the drug store, using no brushes. Which is fine – but I’m ready to explore.

On a separate note, there is the feminist in me that thinks I shouldn’t have to aspire to any beauty ideals, in order to feel pretty. True. It’s the reason I really shouldn’t be defending myself the days I don’t fancy it. However… I often feel happy wearing make up and so I get that choice, too.

To me, that’s what feminism should be about – choices! If a feminist did find it uncomfortable that I blogged about beauty, I’d probably direct them to the mirror and remind them that according to their own mantra, women shouldn’t be told what to do. Not by men. Not by women. And certainly, not by other feminists, regardless of gender. I personally love Lela London’s take on this in her ‘How Can You Be A Feminist….’ video.

So, with all that said, here are some of the awesome new tools I’ve picked up to help me on my new journey…

First up, I wanted a comprehensive brush set. I can’t afford a lot – especially because I don’t know what half of them do – but I noticed a lot of Youtubers and Reviewers mentioned E.L.F, so I’ve started there with the 11 piece brush set! I usually slap everything in with my hands, so hopefully it will make a difference having tools.

I’ve been inspired lately by the Twittersphere, and so I went to Boots in Peterborough and spoke to Jennifer and Taylor on the Benefit counter. Here’s what I got (and a little sample of Ivory in the pinker tone, as Jennifer thought the one in the box would be too orange for me!). ‘How To Look The Best At Everything‘.



Finally, I picked up this natural foundation brush by EcoTools, which I read is good for getting into difficult places on your face.


At the end of the day, I’m not going to start foregoing my sleep to put on a face to the world. However, I will be making more of an effort to experiment, educate myself, and to read other people in the community’s blogs about beauty. I’m not promising to be good at it straight away, but I do promise to give it a go.

So, any tips, or even blogs you or others have written to get me started would be super helpful. Let me know in the comments! xx


  • Great piece Claire. I’ve never had any formal training and seem to wing it with everything with the help of youtube. The best investment I ever made was a good brush. Changed my makeup life haha. xx :o)

  • Claire Louise Sheridan

    Thanks Lizzie! Yep, I will be watching a fair few tutorials I think :) & Actually using brushes haha xx

  • I will let you in on a litle secret, Claire. I knew NOTHING about beauty until just before the beginning of last year. Being a BBlogger has opened up my eyes astronomically!

    Also, purchase an actually beauty blender! It is the best. Seriously!

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ~
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    • Angie, I don’t know how I missed this! But this is brilliant advice, thank you. And also the most encouraging thing since you seem so in the know now! :) Hope you’re good my lovely xxx