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Crocker’s Folly, London

Have you ever had a meal so good that you almost couldn’t cope? I have, but thankfully I did cope, and at that, I coped incredibly well. Crocker’s Folly in St John’s Wood is an absolute delight, and if you’ve not been yet then you must – immediately.

From the moment my guest Emily and I arrived the Friday before last, we were treated not only to exemplary food (seriously, to die for), but we were also treated to the very best in service, too.

After arrival, I met Emily in the bar and we were led through to an absolutely beautiful dining room. Despite the relative quiet of the restaurant, I was overwhelmed by the character Crocker’s Folly possesses. It’s hardly surprising given that the building is not only beautiful but also listed, but it was impressive all the same.


This was a restaurant that just kept on giving. We were offered cocktails from the offset, and my choice was super tasty, and I could genuinely taste the hint of white chocolate in it, which more than satiated my super sweet tooth. I wish I remembered its name, but to be honest, they all looked like a creative cocktail dream!


At this point we got the wine flowing as well. The lovely Sauvignon Blanc went down a treat. There was an assortment of freshly baked bread to keep us going until we began with the serious business of eating!

It was ridiculously hard to make choices when it came to the food. Eventually, I opted for the Salmon with Fennel Cream, and it was absolutely incredible. The flavors really jump out at you and the cream blended with the salmon to compliment it perfectly.


Emily’s Garden Pea, Mint & Sorrel soup looked out of this world, too – I love the spectacle of soup in places like this, where they pour the liquid on top of some of the bits inside. Amazing attention to detail as far as the experience goes!


For the main course, I went with the Beef Tenderloin. Our superstar waiter, the Chilean Juan recommended this as a perfect example of a fine dining dish which really showed off what the place was all about. Complete with spinach and parmesan and red wine jus, it was to die for. My photo does it zero justice if I’m honest!


 I’m a huge side dish fan, and I don’t think you can go wrong with some yummy herbed potatoes, or some garlic mushrooms!

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Emily’s steak looked absolutely divine as well. We washed the food down with red wine – I think mine was Merlot.


I promised myself I’d save room for dessert, and thankfully I was able to! To be honest, dessert was my only slight disappointment, but even then, I got over it. I’d loved the sound of the Chocolate Fondant with Popcorn Ice Cream (I love novelty dishes, okay?!) but they were all out of the popcorn flavor. Instead I had a little bit of their other ice creams, but the fondant stole the show anyway, so I wasn’t too fussed.


Emily’s fruity crem brulee made quite the impression too – that’s what she assured me, anyway!


Our server Juan was so attentive, and Alex, who also served us, was also great. I was honestly thrilled to be invited here and couldn’t have asked for a better evening. Thanks to Emily for the great catch up and for the awesome photos. You absolutely have to check this place out. I mean it!


*The girly chats were courtesy of myself and my lovely guest, but this was all brought to me thanks to wine indulgence and of course the out of this world cuisine! This night was gifted to me, but all words and views are my own. Thanks, Crocker’s Folly!