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Fashion, Food & Fun @ Hyper Japan!

Happy Sunday! Today’s post is a little different, but Hyper Japan truly inspired me. I went in 2012 with friends to this awesome celebration of all things Japanese, and this year I was so happy to return, this time as press! Held at the o2 in London, this convention has everything all under one roof – games, harajuku, j-pop, traditional trinkets and yummy treats. It’s not just clichéd stuff though, and as much as I’m more a casual observer of this fascinating culture, there are so many attendees who live and breathe all things East Asian, from all walks of life. Here are some of the sights I saw!


Wow… just wow. Some people here looked SO awesome and made such an effort. I won’t pretend to know which people were cosplaying and which people were just adopting Japanese culture, but people went all out and looked FABULOUS either way. Here are some of my faves from the day…

PhotoGrid_1436728806773 PhotoGrid_1436728821280 PhotoGrid_1436728832194 PhotoGrid_1436728845288

Want to look this awesome? These girls sell wigs so you actually can! Check out their site – it’s called Pastel Doll!

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This woman was also an exhibitor! Her stall was so cute, check out her Etsy!

PhotoGrid_1436728934108 PhotoGrid_1436728947998 PhotoGrid_1436728968227




Have you ever had a Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat? Or a Green Tea flavor? Or Strawberry Cheesecake, or Wasabi? I have! Hyper Japan sells them all. Sushi Noms is an incredible little boutique selling all kinds of cutesie things and sweeties imported direct from Japan.


An old friend of mine, Dominic, and his identical twin brother run the store, and they do a great job of it. They were super busy!


IMG_20150712_193922 IMG_20150712_194334

Whilst we are on the subject of food and snacks, these Onigiri looked awesome. I didn’t try any (I don’t like tuna), but with salmon I bet they’d be delicious! On the stand it said “America has burgers, Europe has sandwiches, Japan has ONIGIRI!”. They looked like a cross between a sandwich and sushi.


I also saw this fun little food truck selling Sushi… awesome!

PhotoGrid_1436728989082And this cute little stand here…



I saw soooo many cute little things around the festival, from trinkets through to wigs, to games to musical performances. I’d recommend checking it out to anybody! I only wish I’d seen some more of the displays for myself, but I didn’t stay the whole day…

IMG_20150712_194317 IMG_20150712_194258 IMG_20150712_194231 IMG_20150712_194204 IMG_20150712_194112 IMG_20150712_194021 IMG_20150712_193957 IMG_20150712_191945 IMG_20150712_194048

If you want to experience Hyper Japan for yourself, you can – yay! They’re running a Christmas Market in a few months, so be sure to grab your tickets while you can!

*I want to thank Hyper Japan for inviting me down – my entry was free but opinions and photos were my own… in all their terrible quality glory!


  • DandelionBlue

    It was lovely to meet you today at Razz for Life and thank you for welcoming me. I felt very shy but you made me feel more at ease.

    What a coincidence! We will be travelling to Japan in September and my boyfriend really wanted to go to Hyper Japan. As a pre-taster of sorts. But we forgot to book the tickets! We actually stood on the opposite side of the river last weekend and were wondering what all the noise in the O2 was about. Duuhh.

    Ahh. If only we had remembered. It must have been truly amazing and I might have met you sooner.

    xx Kat

    • I’m super rubbish for not replying, I’m so sorry. I’ve had a hectic few days.

      It was sooo lovely to meet you and I’m so glad you felt more comfortable with me there. I hope we get to meet again soon for a catch up, and hopefully at many more events.

      Ohhh I’m sorry you missed this, too. It was amazing. But I’m super jealous of you for heading to Japan – I’ve always wanted to go.

      See you soon lovely xx

  • Amy

    So much kawaii-ness :) Are you going to the London Korean festival on Trafalgar Square on the 9th? I’m hoping they’ll let me volunteer!