Food: Dog In A Doublet – Review

When you’re going out for a spontaneous midweek meal, a pub seems like an obvious choice. That’s the exact predicament Dougie and I found ourselves in a week or two ago, basically because we couldn’t be bothered with the cinema (it was a Wednesday…) but it was date night, so we had to do something. With my trusty Taste Card in hand, I picked the first place from the list of places we could use it that wasn’t a chain – it just so happened to be Dog In A Doublet.

Now, I don’t really know what we were honestly expecting when we pulled up outside, but I’d hazard a guess to say it wasn’t what we actually got! I had heard good things about the place in all fairness, but I never imagined it anything like how it is. With a beautiful, fairy lit exterior, this middle of nowhere establishment is basically a hidden gem in the heart of the countryside. Stepping in took us aback even further – with one half a traditional pub, the other, more like a mid range-fine dining restaurant, it’s safe to say we were pleasantly surprised. Not exactly the standard ‘pub grub’ we’d expected!



The menu was even more exciting; and with a specials board starring everything from delectable salmon mousses to fish pies and more, there was certainly no shortage of options. Staff were both friendly and helpful in their advice, and it wasn’t too long before our starters arrived. I went for the salmon mousse (with loads of elegantly presented extras), while Dougie went for something prawny. Not my thing, but if his was anywhere as close to being as delicious as mine, I’d be impressed.


With the starters out the way, we waited for our beef medallions to arrive. The atmosphere by this point in the quiet little place was lovely, and everyone around us was giving us total food envy. When our beef medallions arrived, despite them not really being beef medallions (more like strips of steak, actually…), we kept up the precedent that had been set with the starters. My only real criticism was that the steaks weren’t cooked exactly as asked, but they were still super flavourful so it didn’t really matter.


For a meal so delicately presented upon trendy slate plates in such a rural location, you’d expect to pay a quite hefty price, which is why I was astounded that it was on the Taste Card list. For those who don’t know, the Taste Card gets you discounts of either 50% or 2-4-1 in loads of amazing places, both chain and otherwise. For a meal that should have cost us about £50, we walked away paying £25. That’s a two course meal for two… who says going out is too expensive?  I’d really recommend a visit, and I’d definitely go back. I did joke whilst I was in there that I wanted to live there, and whilst that’s probably a little impractical, I think Dog In A Doublet might become a bit of a regular hangout for us – we want to try a few more dishes!


  • How refreshing to see a review of somewhere near to where I live!! I haven’t been to the Dog In A Doublet for about 10 years and it looks like a LOT has changed, I’ll have to take a drive over there! x

    • Ahh amazing! Always lovely to meet local bloggers :) You should definitely check it out, we’ve been back a few times since and had some more really lovely meals. Their chicken is also super nice, but sometimes the menu is smaller some days than others so it’s hit or miss with what you can order! I’d really recommend giving it a go, and perhaps ordering a free trial of the Taste Card if you’ve not got one so you can benefit from the savings.

      We’re having a local blogger mini meet up soon apparently, be so nice if you could join! I’ve just followed you on Twitter xxx