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Gaucho Restaurant, Dubai

I’ve always loved food, but it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve *really* had something to say. Gaucho is an established name back in the UK and I’d heard so much about it. After one of my best friends visited for her birthday recently with me all the way over in the UAE, I decided to Google it… just to look. I was overjoyed to find that it had branched out to the Emirates and so I booked myself a table whilst on my trip to Dubai. 

From the interior alone, Gaucho Dubai was able to seriously impress. With delicate, elegant furnishings and classic lighting, the restaurant was not out of place with fine dining establishments back home. I was shown to my table and left to look at the impressive “business lunch” menu.

Despite a slight initial hiccup (the server misunderstood and thought I was awaiting someone else, when in actual fact I was dining alone!) I was kept happy throughout my sitting. The waitresses were lovely and happy to recommend things from the outset. A table seated nearby were a complete nightmare in all honesty, but they kept their cool throughout. Kudos.

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I was brought a selection of bread and JESUS CHRIST I have never tried anything quite so delicious bread-wise in my entire life. I’m not exaggerating; these little cheese things were so heavenly that I could have eaten then happily for the rest of my life and not got bored.

(PS I meant back left!)

After this initial taster, I was eager for more. When I was brought the empañadas (which came highly recommended) I was yet again not disappointed. Called ‘Humita’, they contained creamed corn, basil and mozzarella and oh my god they were to die for! It’s rare for me to order a “vegetarian” starter, especially in a place with so many meat options, but I wanted something a bit different to fit with the special ethos of the place and also, I wanted to save the meat for the star attraction – the main course.

Having decided before I came that I was going to ask for the rib eye steak, I spontaneously changed my stance at the last minute in favor of the fillet. I figured that for the same price, I might as well enjoy the highest quality cut of meat available. I also ordered a side of truffle mashed potato. I’m a potato fiend – a connoisseur if you will – and so I can never pass up the opportunity for the good stuff someplace really nice.

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When the entrée was presented to me I instantly knew I’d made good choices. The simple-yet-effective dish in front of me consisting of a steak, mushroom and of course my mash was basic to the eye, but perfection to the tongue. I savored every last bite and when it was over, I really wished it hadn’t ended. The meat was tender and juicy; everything it ought to have been. The mash was soft, creamy and utterly unique thanks to its truffle kick.

Gaucho Dubai showed me that it’s okay to enjoy fine dining alone, and in fact, I loved the entire experience. It’s awesome when you learn to enjoy your own company – but of course, it’s helped along when you’re distracted by food this good!

  • fashion-mommy

    I’ve been to Dubai and honestly didn’t eat a bad meal there, this looks amazing too.

    • Sooo tasty, right? Even at the malls and stuff they have the best choice I’ve ever seen :) x

  • Roxie Ferguson

    I’ve never heard of Gaucho before but it looks divine! Were there a lot of veggie options availble?

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    • Unfortunately not :( I think as it’s mostly a steakhouse a vegetarian might be better spending their money elsewhere. I counted one or two things but that was it xx