Halloween Fun @ Candy Hearts Make Up & Hair, Liverpool

Do you know what you’re going as for Halloween yet? Eek, I don’t! For the first time in years, I’m not ahead of the game with this stuff – I’ve just had loads else on my mind! No matter what I end up going as, I don’t think I will be able to recreate a look quite as good as this. Sarah from Candy Hearts Make Up & Hair in Liverpool is doing different looks for Halloween this year – and I was lucky enough to be her model!

I’ve known Sarah for a few years now. If you were a bit emo and living in Liverpool a few years ago, the chances are that you knew one another! She’s a talented hairdresser and MUA, and she’ll come to you anywhere in Liverpool.

Sarah very kindly cut my hair and then we got to work on creating a very special, creepy look for Halloween. Sarah is going as a dead porcelain doll, and she tried it out on me.

Unfortunately the dress she ordered didn’t arrive in time, but everything else went perfectly. Look how eerie I look!

But I love you! Please be my friend ;) #Doll #Creepy #CrazyBloggers #Girl #MUA #BBlogger #Halloween #Scary

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I thought the styling with a bow was a great touch, and the tight curls were perfect. Add in the backdrop of Sarah’s two daughters’ room and it was as perfectly creepy as can be. I’m just glad the kids didn’t see me as they’d never sleep again!

If you want to get the look, Sarah is offering the make up at the very fair price of £20. If you want the curls as well, it’s £35 total. She can do some other stuff as well for the big night, just head to her Facebook Page for the full info.

Of course, Sarah offers amazing services which I’d recommend throughout the year, including haircuts, bridal makeup, and hair and make up for the Liverpool races! She does plenty more too – just ask!

*I was very kindly provided with a free haircut and styling for the purposes of this blog post!