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Happy Birthday, Kitty Zeus!

Not many of you will know this, but I am actually a mummy. My baby isn’t quite conventional: he’s fluffy, ginger and he bites me a lot. I love him to pieces though, although he no longer lives with me. Don’t worry, I didn’t abandon a tiny human. To be fair… most people actually do know this because I never shut up about him; my baby is a cat named Zeus, and today is his first birthday.

I spoke in this post about adopting Zeusy Pie from a travelling community. We adopted him a little younger than we should have, at about 6 weeks old. I’d recommend waiting until at least 8, as they adapt more easily. He was soooo sweet though, and he chose me!


It was hard raising him to begin with, but I instantly fell in love. We don’t know his birthday for sure, but this is the day the Vet estimated – 14/08/2014!

I’ve been bitten, scratched, and attacked; but I maintain that BabagaZEUS is simply playful. I have a million different nicknames for him because I adore him <3


Zeus loves adventures and despite being a house kitten, he’s been to my old work, as well as for a wander in the forest, and even jail (!).

Look, mummy, I’m in jail!! #Kitty #Kitten #Catsofinstagram #Cute #Special #LOL

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He would always try to come away with us when we went somewhere!

BabagaZEUS wants to come to #America with us! #Cute #Kitty #CatsOfInstagram

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He was always there for me, playing games…

We shared soooo many kisses and cuddles…

He even liked to ‘help’ around the home…

Lots of times, we’d just cuddle…

One of my favorite past-times when I lived in Peterborough was writing songs about Zeus and singing them to him. I like to think the sound of my voice calmed him down.

When I moved from Peterborough, I had to give Dougie custody because I’m not allowed animals in my current flat. I’m hoping eventually he can share his time, but for the time being, I have no little baba to cuddle when I’m sad :’( I intend to visit soon though. I still contribute to his life and I hope he still remembers me. I think about him every day.

He went everywhere with me…

I get sent photo updates fairly often, thankfully, and sometimes even videos! He’s the cutest little baby and although he’s also a little terror, he’s my little prince. Even though he’s probably no longer *technically* a baby, he’ll always be my sweet little kitten.

I’m aware this post makes me sound like I’m five years old, from the way I’ve written it right through to the subject matter itself. But you know what? I really don’t care. That’s true love!

Are you a cat mummy or daddy?


  • Oh Claire, he’s a wee beaut! I love ginger kitties. Don’t tell my two (although they do have ginger bits on them).

    It’s yer Facebook stalker, by the way xx