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I Had A Facelift At 25!

Relax! I’ve not got into the world of cosmetic surgery. I’m not judging those who do (although I personally feel there’s often an underlying issue when it’s being overused…) but I know that with my good complexion and youthful skin, I don’t need a real facelift just yet. Don’t panic, mum! However, I do have dreadful bags under my eyes, and I am prone to redness (I’m super pale!), so when I was invited to experience a non-surgical facelift at Elysia Health & Beauty in Tansor near Peterborough, I jumped at the chance.


I was sent a lot of information about Surgen, the treatment I had, prior to my visit; but if I’m honest, I forgot a lot of it before my appointment because I read it all before my recent road trip in America. So, when I arrived on a baking hot day with my eyes all puffy from hayfever, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.


I was met by the lovely Lisa who runs Elysia, and she soon put my mind at ease. The grounds of her spa were lovely, as was the inside – so pretty! She explained exactly how the treatment would work, and she showed me some great before-and-after pictures of some of her older clients who’d seen the effects work really well. She admitted she doesn’t normally treat people under 30, but I was intrigued as to what the results would be, despite already looking younger than I actually am!

Here’s the science bit! Surgen uses revolutionary Hybrid Energy Technology and something called TriFractional Technology.  It promises dermal volumizing, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and lifting effects. It’s also good for blotchy skin or scarring. Basically, it’s a mini facelift, without the need for botox or anything drastic!


The treatment didn’t hurt too much, but it was very warm and afterwards, my face felt like it was on fire and stinging, I won’t lie. It’s basically a load of tiny micro needles, so despite it not feeling terrible, it’s hardly going to be a picnic! It does say it’s painless, but take that with a pinch of salt, albeit a tiny one.

Normally, this treatment is recommended in doses of four, because as Lisa puts it: “when you go to the gym once, you feel better, but people don’t see results straight away.” That’s exactly what this is like.

The Results…

Now, the pics of me taken before and after were the worst pics of me EVER and it doesn’t help that my semi-permanent eyelashes were falling off! I am not going to publish them, but you can contact me individually if you want to see. I think the lines on my face look a little more faint, but it’s hard to tell because my face is red in the ‘after’ picture (remember, I’d been repeatedly punctured – but this is much better than the downtime required after actual facial surgery!)

Since the treatment four weeks ago, I have noticed slightly less puffiness around my eyes, and also less redness, but I think the best people to head down for a treatment are those who’d notice a change in a more obvious way. I guess I just don’t have too many wrinkles yet – touch wood!

For a few days, my skin was really dry, so you have to moisturize plenty. Lisa will discuss your regime with you, which is really useful, too. You will probably notice firmer skin as a benefit of the treatment once your skin has fully recovered, but if your skin is already youthful, you might not notice too much.

I’d really recommend Surgen based on the pictures of more mature women – their results were absolutely fantastic!

Get It Yourself…

The treatment retails at £250 per session and lasts for at least a year. It’s a lot less invasive than botox or fillers, so for the slightly older woman with some spare cash, I’d definitely recommend giving it a go!

*This was a treatment which I was very kindly invited to by a PR company in exchange for an honest review!