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Ice Bar Rocks, London

I know, I know. This is super late. I’m mortified to find this in my drafts, unposted. My site was down for a while (boo) and I’ve also been away on my travels  (don’t worry, more to come on that front!). Anyway, I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Ice Bar Rocks at the Ice Bar in London, and it was right up my street. Food & drink? Check. Something quirky? Check. Rock theme? Um hello, I am so sold!

I invited my friend Sam as my plus one and we headed over to the Ice Bar on the Monday evening. Neither of us had been before, but Sam had been to a similar bar in Thailand of all places, so she kind of knew what to expect. I really had no idea!

We were ticked off the guestlist and then we put our coats into the coat check and headed into the bar area downstairs for an introductory reception, wine, and canapés. 

Helping myself to a big glass of white wine (it had been a long day after all, I’m sure!), we listened to speeches by the sculptor and the people who handle the events and PR.

The designer/sculptor was adorable; an avid rock fan himself who had been asked to create such an incredible theme out of ice.


The care they’d taken in research and planning was fascinating, and it was a great theme to celebrate their ten year anniversary. I loved hearing about the history, and I think the edginess of ‘rock’ as a genre is more than representative!

After eating some lovely chicken and other delicate bites, and drinking some more, we were invited up to see the actual ice bar itself. We waited outside and received our capes (it’s an ICE bar. It’s cold!), and we also hung out with a really awesome guy they’d hired to be David Bowie for the night!


Entering the ice bar was surreal. It felt like being in a giant igloo (not that I’d know!).

Had a lot of fun with this one at #IceBarLondon last night! #IceBarRocks press night #OnTheBlog soon! #London #Girls #Selfie

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It was so quirky, and we drank champagne from ice glasses. We saw intricate carvings of skulls and tattooed women, alongside an ice throne and loads more.


Sitting on my throne on Monday :’) #IceBarLondon #IceBarRocks #Girl #London #Blogger ❄❄❄


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I really enjoyed the experience, and it was literally very refreshing. The cold air certainly perks you up! You can’t stay in the actual ice bar too long or you’ll freeze, so after a while we moved on out to the normal bar once again.

We kept saying it was “so cool” literally all night; and we had to stop laughing at ourselves for being lame. No pun intended, because it really was incredible!

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas night out, Ice Bar London is EXACTLY where you need to go. I just wish they’d hold a gig or two in here – that would be the icing on top of the cake!

*I was very kindly invited to the press launch by a lovely PR team working on behalf of Ice Bar London. All thoughts, words and pics are my own!


  • Oh woow that looks very cold, I don’t think I would attend a ice bar but it definitely look interesting!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Ice Bar, it looks SO interesting and unique and they always have amazing themes :D