Music: Leeds Festival, Saturday

I’ve been going to Leeds Festival since 2006 now. In all fairness, I’ve not been one of those people who goes every single year, sadly. But for the past eight years, from the age of 16, it’s been a big part of my life.

This year was perhaps my favorite yet. Not only was the line up absolutely on form, but I was attending in a ‘working’ capacity for the first time, plus, so many of my friends from my favorite trip EVER were in attendance. I use the term ‘working’ loosely because, although I had a Press/Guest pass, I’m not quite pretentious enough to act like I didn’t party with the ‘common people’! Of course, I’m just kidding with that reference there. I only attended for the Saturday because now that I’m old, I can’t really hack camping. Plus, I have a day job!

So I’ve written my professional write up or whatever for a fun publication┬áto write for, Alter The Press!, but I’ve obviously got some personal anecdotes that I can’t really include in an international publication. I saw so many amazing bands, I really did, probably at least ten or so – Paramore being my obvious choice as ‘the winner’, if that’s a thing. My aforementioned favorite trip? Yeah, that was Parahoy! Their set gave me goosebumps throughout, which is exactly what you want in a live set. The fact that they were headlining just made things all the more sweeter…

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I must have seen at least twenty of my friends that day, way too many to call out individually. I need to give a massive shout out to Sophie though, for letting me stay over and just being awesome in general, as well as Lucie, Callum, Jamie (who came all the way from Ireland) and Amy (who came all the way from France!). We’re all ParaLosers, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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SHOUT OUT TO MY PARISIAN GIRL WHO I SNUCK INTO VIP! Amy and I were definitely the drunken little monkeys of the night, and it was hilarious. I learned that I really, really suck at fooseball, and yet it actually makes me laugh. The Enter Shikari lads know how to party hard, and of course, that lead to a whole lot of forfeits on poor me and Amy’s part. But, since it was followed by dancing and singing and god-knows-what else in the VIP tent, I can live with the shame. It was nice catching up and making amends in there too, even if the end of the night is a little cringeworthy/hazy to say the least. We came to party, and that we did.

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Until next time, Leeds?

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