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Lifestyle: Meet Our Kitten!

Meet Zeus. He’s our new baby. No, really. He’s actually our substitute child…


My boyfriend Dougie and I have actually wanted a kitten for a long time now. In fact, I even bought him something cat related for Christmas last year (I wasn’t hinting I swear!). After a  really embarrassing experience being turned down at the shelter a while back (they thought he was some creepy dude who wanted a lap cat because he had no friends!), we finally went and picked out our kitty on Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon, Hayden moved out. He’d been staying in the spare room for a while, and when he left, we found ourselves with all this extra space. We had been texting a kitten breeder for a little while, but we knew the time was right and we were both prepared.

Sunday evening brought us to Oakham, where our little baby was born. I won’t lie – we were both a little excited by the fact he lived on a Gypsy park,  a bit like the ones you see on “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. My sister, however, said we were stupid to go there because he’d be “riddled”. I maintain that it was the right choice – the people were lovely, our kitty was super adorable and it was love at first sight.


They told us we could come back the next day to get him. Now, neither of us have REALLY had pets before, so we got advice from the people at Pets At Home, who were amazing, and who helped us get all the stuff we would need. That evening, on the Monday night, we became proud parents to our little boy, who we’ve named ZEUS!

The first night was hard. He cried almost all night and wouldn’t eat. It was really upsetting and we heard he may have been too young for us to take him, which worried us. The next day, I bought a little syringe to try and feed him, and Dougie spoke to a vet about things we could do to help, and bought formula and some other stuff. Luckily, that night, he started eating.

Over the last few days, he hasn’t failed to impress me. He’s been using the litter tray like a big boy (we’ve had literally zero accidents), and he’s been eating lots, too. We always sneak a play with him literally whenever we can, and he’s so adorable and playful and energetic, which is awesome.


He was still being a little funny with drinking until today, and eating without being spoon fed, but this morning, he started licking lactose free milk straight out of his bowl. Proud parents!

We love him so much already.