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LondonEdge With Jawbreaker: A Look At How Far Alternative Fashion Has Come

I’ve been somewhat ‘alternative’ I suppose you could say since I was about thirteen, which now I guess is practically half my life. It makes me cringe a little to say that, to bang on about ‘alt’ stuff, but to be honest – it’s true. Whilst I’m much too old to concern myself with how ‘mainstream’ the things I enjoy are, I would say I tend to have a bias towards fashion, music, people and style that’s a bit quirky, edgy or different. Or at least by the standards that exist in a lot of the world! I was invited by JawbreakerLDN to LondonEdge, the alternative fashion showcase, and it really made me feel proud of the lifestyle I tend to surround myself with, meeting such awesome and creative individuals.

Unfortunately, I was late to the event (we can thank trains and crappy Sunday schedules for that…) which means I missed the blogger meet up part and talk by the wonderful Kat from RocknRoll Bride. I still got to meet and chill with some wonderful ladies though, including Emma, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before. Gutted I missed out on a fair few others I’d been keen to meet though!

When I eventually arrived at around 3.30pm, I was still welcomed with open arms, and whisked off to enjoy my free dress, a makeover, hairdo, and what was left of the goody bags! There was a bit of panic to start with about the dress I had chosen being too small (I’d asked for a ‘medium’ size, as despite being a ‘small’, sometimes I size up on tight fitting designs), however, there’d been a bit of a mix up and I got a small after all. After some effort though – like taking off my bra and sticking on a pair of spanx (seriously, how have I never worn these before?!) – the dress fit perfectly. It’s so gorgeous, as is their entire quirky line. One thing I would say is that the dress probably shouldn’t be worn by anyone over 5″5 as I’m pretty petite and it was short even on me! I do love a good mini dress though, as my friends will testify. Hurry if you want it, as the Harness LBD is getting discontinued.

Next, I had the lovely Sofia doing make make up, and Sophie doing my hair. Here’s the final look, with the talented creatives who pampered me themselves:


After I was made to look pretty awesome (I’m not even going to be pretend to be modest about it!), I was invited to watch the final catwalk show of the day. Growing up in a time where I was actively laughed at for my fashion tastes, it was absolutely refreshing to be invited to something where all these diverse styles were showcased. In the past, you basically had the reputation of being unwashed, or lacking in style, and the option of wearing T Shirts made for men with ‘hilarious’ slogans on them (news flash: sarcasm!), or ridiculous dresses that didn’t suit your shape. Thankfully, times have changed. There are some very talented designers and brands out there, and I think it’s fantastic to see them getting the credit they deserve. Thinking how far the scene and the community has come gave me goosebumps, and I loved looking at the beautiful models showing off the designs.


After the fashion show, and after wanting to buy almost EVERYTHING on EVERY stall, we caught an awesome old fashioned London bus to the afterparty at Gem. I rode with MUA Sofia and her boyfriend, as well as some lovely bloggers including Stephanie, whose blog you should definitely check out! I’m not always the best when it comes to common sense – forgetting I was on a vintage bus, I exclaimed loudly about how cheap the prices advertised on the walls were. HISTORICAL prices CLS, duh!


At the after party, there was a free bar, and it was very fun and I met loads of people… until I got a bit too tipsy. Sorry to anyone who had to witness that, and the less said about that, the better. Big thanks to the bar staff, and my boyfriend for getting me home in one piece – he has a successful alternative clothing line himself, Big Deal Clothing, so you should definitely check him out!

I had a lovely day at the event, and I’ve learned a lot about what to expect and what to check out for next time. (Also a bit about how to behave!). Thanks to all who had me – it’s a pleasure representing you and your brand!


What did you think? Is it your cup of tea? xx


*PS: Please note I was sent here by the brand themselves and gifted the dress, make up, hair, and opportunity. All opinions are honest & my own!