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Love Natural, Love Organic With Spa Magik Organiks

I never really thought of myself as much of an advocate for a natural and organic lifestyle. Sure, I’m concerned about saving the planet, and I’m a highly conscientious person, but I didn’t think that an entire event dedicated to this stuff would be my thing – I admit I was wrong! I came to LNLO for the free massage*, and stayed for the other exciting stands and stalls.

Spa Magik Organiks

I was kindly invited to London’s Olympia by Spa Magik Organiks, a brand that I admit I’d never really heard much about before. I was promised a free massage, and as I’ve been really stressed recently and having trouble with my back, I agreed to come down and review it.

Despite getting a bit lost on the way, I made it in good time for my afternoon appointment. The stall really impressed me – it had been set up really beautifully, and with the massage tables and tents it was easy to forget we were actually in a convention centre!


I was asked to wait – but only for a moment – whilst the girls got ready.

I was then directed to take off my top and bra and wrap a towel around myself, in a discreet little ‘cubicle’ they’d created at their stand, hidden by a curtain. I got up onto the massage bed, and the lovely and experienced girl got to work.

Now, I must admit, I asked the name of my masseuse but this has gone right out of my brain and I feel terrible. She really was wonderful, and she told me she’d worked for the company for about three years, I believe.

During the massage I felt super relaxed, and the product she used on me (Triple Oil Shea Body Butter) felt great, too. Admittedly, I tensed up a bit at some of the more pressure-applying moments, but I’m a pretty tense person so I think for most people, it wouldn’t have been uncomfortable. I was asked which areas were giving me trouble, and these were the ones concentrated on.

Afterwards, my back felt great, as though some of the tension had finally gone! I was given a goody bag, and I’m really happy with it because I now have some of the butter that was used on me for myself. It makes my skin feel so great, it has a really nice scent and as an added bonus, it’s ethical, too. It’s apparently great for scars, so I can’t wait to use it on the nasty one on my shoulder. I was also given oil serum and bath salts, which I’m excited to try!


LNLO Brands

There was loads more to see and do over the course of the day. Some of my favorite exhibits were from the food stalls though – I love beauty, but I’m a foodie by nature! The following brands were awesome, and you need to check them out:

This guy has an awesome company combining two of my fave things – sweeties and popcorn! I loved the lime flavor, as it reminded me of Chocolate Limes I used to have as a kid. I was kindly gifted a bag of Strawberry & Cream though, but it was hard to choose between all the different kinds!



This stuff has something like 9 calories in it. It’s mental. It’s actually carb free, wheat free pasta. They were cooking up samples in tomato & mascarpone sauce, and it was actually so tasty. It’s definitely more ‘al dente’ than normal pasta, but it tastes good. I don’t calorie count with any of my food, but you can’t say no to 9 calorie pasta – seriously! The guy who runs it was great, too.


All in all, I had a great day, and my eyes were opened to healthy, organic and mostly fair-trade produce. It’s nice to support smaller brands! I tried everything from gluten free bread, to healthy ready meals, to muffins with no sugar. I had fun sampling!

I also signed up to AllergyUK, because I suffer terribly. The whole thing had everything covered and I loved it!

Are you interested in switching to more natural products? Let me know in the comments.

*I was gifted the massage in question, but all opinions are my own.