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My Bucket List: Achievements & Goals

Back in May of 2014, I wrote a Bucket List for my life. It’s been really interesting seeing what I’ve achieved so far, and of course, what I haven’t. Whilst some things have definitely changed and now seem far away (ahem…marriage and kids), I have time to work on those aspects in the future, and my priorities aren’t what they once were. In fact, I’m actually at the point where I realise that to live my life fully, I just need to let it happen.

Bucket List

Looking back at this really made me smile because of how much I’ve achieved in just over two years. I’ve admittedly messed up a fair bit since then, but I’m not doing everything wrong.

I’ve been to Disney at Halloween, I’ve experienced Tokyo by myself, and I now have not only visited Australia, but I live here, too – which ticks two items off! I have still yet to go to every US state, but I have managed to see a few more from the list. I’ve been published in a national newspaper online – as well as loads of other exciting places career wise – and whilst it’s been on a bit of a hiatus, I did indeed get this blog up and running. I even had a few articles go viral and get shared by respected bands, artists and models! I’ve been to a few Michelin Star restaurants now, and several amazing festivals around the world as well. Finally, I spent over a year of my life dedicated to Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group, which allowed me to support survivors of sexual assault and gender based violence.  I also volunteered for six months with a Soup Kitchen; because I wanted to help as many people as possible. This was a really important one for me, because I feel that it’s so important to give back to something you feel passionate about. It’s also very cleansing.

Where have I gone wrong? Well, that list is endless, but let’s stick to the Bucket List in question! I may not be flexible anymore and I still can’t play the guitar, but I did start Zumba and I learned ‘The Cups Song’, so things can’t be that bad. I’ve also done some things I couldn’t post on Instagram that were on a rather more personal Bucket List…!

A Bucket List helps give us focus and direction – it’s literally a list of things to attempt so you don’t have regrets once it’s too late. I go through waves of thinking that my existence is pointless, and then thinking that I do too much and that I need to slow down – I perceive myself as being at one extreme of the spectrum or the other. However, in looking at this, I’m pretty much on track. I’m just trying to be as well-rounded, balanced, and (dare I say), interesting as possible. After all, if you want to be something, you should try. My philosophy is that if you don’t like something, change it. There’s usually a way.

I appreciate that I have been blessed and that I do have a privilege that many have not been afforded. But we can all make effort to achieve small personal goals, no matter the obstacles. If nothing else, it’s a learning curve!

So, What’s Next?

If I had to make a new Bucket List, its core principle would surround itself on happiness. I was asked in a job interview last year about my 5-year life plan, and I answered honestly by saying that I simply wanted to be happy. However, in order to achieve that, I’ll share some manageable targets:

  • To visit 30 countries by 30.
  • To travel Asia more.
  • To visit an African nation.
  • To see more of Europe.
  • To get a second Visa, either in New Zealand or Canada.
  • To buy a house before 35.
  • To write a novel.
  • To get back into performing music.
  • To experience a career change – either in teaching or the music industry.
  • To get paid travel writing work.
  • To have a successful freelance career.

That will do for now; but my hopes and dreams always evolve. What’s on your Bucket List?