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My Year: 2014

So this is super late, but what with heading to Paris (post to come!), working full time and completing freelance projects – both to help pay my bills and for my travel – sadly my blog has been sidelined. However, one of my resolutions for 2015 is to blog way more! Last year, 2014, was probably my best on this planet though, so I really feel like I owe it to myself to document it. 2014 was the year I made things official with Dougie, my boyfriend, the year I went to America three times, the year I visited eight countries, went to eleven(?) festivals, the year I really got my career on the road and among all that, moved to a new city. 

There was a lot, but I’ll try to keep it brief!


I started the year in sunny Dubai, where my dad lives. I love a bit of winter sun, and it was so nice seeing my daddy!


Of course, January was my birthday! I turned 24, and on the day that I did, Dougie and I made things official. For my celebration, we went to an absolutely beautiful Church Spa, which I absolutely adored. You get the whole place to yourself, and it’s gorgeous. He’s amazing at surprises!


That weekend I went out with some friends – Vicky, Hana and my then roommate, Maria. We hit up Leeds Cockpit (RIP) and it was a laugh (until I can’t remember whether it was or not!).


January was also the month I got awarded ‘Assistant Of The Month’ in my old role as a Content and Online PR Assistant for Search Laboratory, Leeds. This was based on work in the previous month.


We had our very first Valentine’s Day together and it was lovely. We made a gorgeous meal but then we had to face me going back home to Leeds afterwards. I think it was around this time that we knew I’d have to move closer!


I was offered my job with Datify at the end of the month, to start after I’d been on holiday. That was that, I was moving to Peterborough!


What can I say about March? March brought me an abundance of happiness – I sometimes still have to pinch myself to prove it really happened. Paramore have always been one of my favorite bands (they used to be my number one!), so when they announced a cruise, from Miami to the Bahamas – with unlimited food, might I add – I freaked out. I was sold, and thankfully, so was my friend Sophie.



I can’t really do Parahoy justice in a summary post, so just read this, which I wrote for ATP! at the time. But the trip itself was a dream come true. We did Orlando (for the theme parks), and Miami (for the beaches and bars), and the whole thing was once-in-a-lifetime – until they do it again.

Before I left, I also started freelancing. Yay, extra money!


In April, I moved to Peterborough to live with Dougie! Leaving Leeds was really sad, but the job and the boyfriend and apartment situation seemed to fall easily into place. I’m not a fan of Peterborough, but it’s where I live right now so I’m thankful of the great things I do have! I got to go to my first work related trip as well, in Brighton, so that was cool!

It was my sister’s birthday as well – can’t believe she’s 21. Ahhh!


Hit The Deck (in both Bristol and Nottingham) was an experience as ever, and the AAA passes to see Brand New really helped. The perks of being a Merch Girl!




I got my first taste of Belgium with Groezrock Festival! Helping out by working with the awesome Big Deal Clothing (aka Dougie’s brand), I made the journey across with some amazing new friends, and it was a really fun experience, with old friends, too. I stayed in a local ‘Holiday Park’ thing with Zoe and others. I don’t camp, so this was a much better option.


May also meant I got to have a reunion with some of the AMAZING people I met at Parahoy! I hosted it in my apartment/the park bit outside, and there was Beer Pong, food, vodka, and Cards Against Humanity. There was even Nandos the next day! Such great company and I’m sure they, like the other cruisers, will mostly stay lifelong friends.


May also brings Slam Dunk. Duh! It’s been the same almost every year since 2007 for me, but it’s the perfect excuse to get all alternative for a whole weekend up North. Loads of my faves were there, and this year I was even lucky enough to be there in an official capacity as Press. Yay!


More festivals! I think this year is the year was record breaking for me, I went to eleven in total. *Whispers* I was technically working almost all of them, hence free passes, hence being able to go to so many! Download was a bit of a highlight, because a) I wasn’t actually working, just sipping cocktails (and trying to swerve weirdos…) and b) I love Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park and loads more. Still a little mosher at heart (okay, so I never really stopped…).

June also brought Dougie’s birthday celebrations, a few weeks early. I took him to London, and we did Dinner By Heston, the London Eye, the Dungeons and more. Incredible.



July brought Nass Festival and Redfest – I preferred the latter by miles, on account of Nass being a little like a school disco on MDMA. As in, kids were on it, EVERYWHERE, not me. However, each had their merits (Nass had Funeral For A Friend and Stonehenge on the way, so not a total waste!). At Redfest I even got to go onstage as we were working with Uprawr. Pretty cool!


On Dougie’s birthday, I ticked something off my bucket list and ate a 48oz steak. Yes, really. I only weighed about 8.5 stone at the time, too.



More music, more fun! I headed down to Boardmasters first, in Cornwall. It was awesome, but it got cancelled midway through because of weather, which kind of spoiled the last day! Then there was Merthyr Rock, and I even wrote about how fantastic the vibe was back when I started my blog – another August event, yay!

Dougie and I went to Wales for a lovely weekend away at my nan’s place there, and had a load of fun in the sun and stuffing our faces (what’s new?!)


Leeds Festival is another staple of the calendar, and I was lucky enough to be working as Press. I got to make amends with an old friend at the VIP Afterparty too, so all in all – amazing.


My second annual trip to Chicago for Riot Fest, yay! But first, I ventured over to California to see friends over there, as well as cities new and old. Once in Chicago, I got to see two of my faves as well. Love, love, love.


I also got my little baby, Zeus. I adore him, he’s gorgeous!


Finally, I started training for Peterborough Rape Crisis. It was hard, but 100+ hours later, I am proud and ready to help.


October = Halloween, yay! And DISNEY FOR HALLOWEEN! It was my first proper vacation with Dougie and we literally had the best time! Not only did we do Disney, we did the parties and food and Harry Potter stuff too.


There were also a few nights out, and I got a bit of a promotion and all the perks that come with that, too. Plus, blog wise, my post about sexism in the Alt Scene went viral. Everyone from bands to DJs to big models shared it, and I received links, tweets, praise and 5000 views in one day. It was crazy!


In November it was pretty chilled out – a few gigs, a work conference, and some nights out.


I also got to go home, see my family and some old friends, and my favorite play in the world, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.


December saw me literally everywhere. Getting published for the first time on Hello Giggles, and then having Zooey Deschanel share it (!)


In Birmingham, on stage at Uprawr leading a giveaway with Page 3 Model Lucy Vixen…


Then at the Kerrang Christmas Party (with free bar!)


LOTS of Christmas parties (including Uprawr, and my work one!)


There was also THIS gem which I received from the women at Rape Crisis saying the things they loved about me on our last training session.


Then to Lincoln for a show, Manchester for my best friend’s birthday,  home before Christmas, up to Glasgow for Christmas itself…


Up to Edinburgh…


Home again, and then finally, to Paris for touristy stuff and NYE.

paris nye

Thank you 2014 – an exhausting, but amazing year. I’m missing out LOADS, but that’s the gist! There’s a few things I need to work on for 2015, and towards the end things were a little harder… but I’m positive about where things are going. I also managed to cut a lot of toxicity out last year. Long may it continue.

Happy New Year!