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Netflix & Chill: The Ultimate Relaxing Night

Pull your filthy mind out of the gutter. When I say Netflix and chill, I really mean Netflix and chill! My life is so busy that often I just need to kick back and relax… but how?!

Okay. When some girls say relax, that’s not what they mean. They mean doing stuff that doesn’t seem relaxing at all. Yoga and stuff. It’s all good if that’s what you’re into, it’s just not really what I think of.

When I say “chill”, I’m thinking not leaving my bed for hours, not getting dressed, and just binge watching Netflix. I must have seen the entirety of Gossip Girl about 12 times, and I’m obsessed. Get some popcorn on the go, and you’re set for the night!


I have the worst mind ever when it comes to TV and film though. I shut off so much that whilst I am paying attention, I rarely remember what happened like a week later. Those previews they do at the start of each new episode in a series? Yeah, those were pretty much written with me in mind.

Now, the reason I watch more TV than movies is that I’m basically only ever watching on my laptop. I do sometimes wish for a huge TV like these Panasonic beauties, but since it’s just me right now, I’ve not taken the plunge. I guess I’m more into movies when I can watch them with friends… but since I’m so lazy, even that requires effort with me!


See? You have to do face masks and stuff! I’m absolutely the worst when it comes to movies anyway. I love them, but I’m one of those people who watch the same things over and over – either trashy rom coms or weird independent stuff. I’m “that girl” who hasn’t seen Star Wars (despite studying a film studies module at Uni!). So when I watch with friends, it’s all a lot of effort, checking if they’re okay with my crap choices! I do love a good sleepover though – it’s winter soon, so there’s even more excuses to have one!

With hot chocolate. Obviously.

With music, I can completely shut off. My moping music tends to be insanely emo, like Brand New, La Dispute, or something even more melodic like Warpaint or Little Dragon. If it’s anything more bouncy, I’ll want to get up and dance – that’s way more physical than I need sometimes, and I’m hyperactive enough the rest of the time!

In all seriousness though, it’s super important that we all relax a little more. I’ve currently been ill a LOT, and part of me wonders how much of that is through burning myself out. I’ve had to take a rain check and realize that my health (physical and mental) is important. Sadly, my doctors are looking into a range of illnesses with me (such as Chronic Fatigue) and that, combined with some personal stuff, has shown me how important it is to take it easy. You only get one life!

I try not to focus on careers and such as much as I used to. Happiness should always come first. Sure, it’s idealistic, but it makes sense. Travel more. Live without regrets. Do something that makes you happy, even if it’s not big bucks. Do a little bit of everything, but stop when it gets on top of you. As a generation, we are doing way too much.

A little reminder: blogging is NOT a substitute for relaxing. Nor is anything… except relaxing. Lie in bed. Take naps. Don’t be ashamed of taking time for yourself. You can’t burn the candle at both ends and sometimes you have to do absolutely nothing. Bliss!

How do you relax? x

*I was sponsored to write this post, but all views are my own! I want to be a lady of leisure and I will do my best to achieve my dreams as soon as I can catch a break!

  • Anushree Ganguly

    I’m totally into movies too and my idea if chill us basically doing nothing and just relax really relax not excessive ! So loved your post . Love from

  • LOL Netflix & Chill *drags mind out of gutter* I’m currently in my final year of university so my relaxing pretty much consists of me either blogging or sleeping for ages haha. Lovely post!

  • Getting some munchies and making a lil nest in my bed to watch tv/netflix is my favourite way to relax for sure!
    To me, relaxing is about doing something that doesn’t require anything but the absolute minimum of effort. ;)

  • Lisa Bollins

    I’m trying to take more time out for myself to relax too. I find hot baths and naps are the trick. Likewise I’m being investigated for chronic fatigue so the rest is certainly important!

  • fashion-mommy

    I never seem to relax, always get so, so busy. But you are so right about how important it is.