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New Year’s Eve In Paris

Paris is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and I can’t believe I didn’t until 2014. Considering I’ve been to some of the major cities of the world, it’s a bit ridiculous to think I still hadn’t ventured to this one, on my very doorstep! I don’t really have a clue what I expected, but I really enjoyed it either way, and didn’t want to spend New Year doing something rubbish in Peterborough, of all places.  So, off we popped on a coach journey from hell and made our way through the Eurotunnel!

I’ve not really sold the trip – as far as travel goes – very well at all, have I? We used iDBus, a budget French company set to rival the likes of Megabus and National Express. Whilst they did have some good deals on if you went in a group of 4 (buy three, get one free!) our relatively expensive £95 return each wasn’t exactly the cheapest – but it was nothing compared to the trains and planes on New Year’s Eve! The buses themselves were comfortable, but the fact that the bathrooms were broken (and we weren’t advised!) was pretty hellish, especially considering my friend has kidney problems! The drivers also were not bilingual as stated, and there were a whole host of other issues (including them leaving a girl at the services…) that we weren’t really impressed with. I have been since offered a discount off my next journey, but to be honest, if I’ll use them again remains to be seen.


Now, cast your minds back! New Year seems like a long time ago now, and in fairness, it sort of was! So I’ll just give you the summaries of what we saw. We decided to take a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus on New Year’s Eve, and I’d really recommend it. Sit up top – you’ll freeze your bum off in winter, but it’s worth it, and you’ll get to see all kinds of sights, from the Eiffel Tower, through to Notre Dame and even the Louvre. Put your headphones in… I listened to songs on a loop which are still stuck in my head to this day! Unfortunately, because we had just two days in the city, we didn’t get to go up/in (delete as applicable) any of these attractions, but it gave me the perfect taster of what to expect.




New Year’s Eve itself was brought in with wine (lots of it… some of it free), fireworks at Champs-Élysées, and a little bit of drama. This started right from the outset – we went for a ‘lovely meal’ outside the Eiffel Tower, only for it to end in the manager slapping me (not even joking… on the hand, but still!) and me repeating over and over “you are literally the rudest person I have ever met in my entire life!”. And yes, this was before any of us had a drop to drink! Half of us even got stuck on their Metro system at midnight (though Amy and I *just* made it out…), but I’d recommend leaving super early to avoid missing a lot of it like we did. New Year’s is always somewhat overrated, but at least this time, we did it away from England!


best mate

Me Having The Best Day Of My Life Being Given Free Wine…

I went on this adventure with some Parahoy lovelies, Louisa & Lucie, but we also made full use of having a real life French friend, Amy, to help us out and hang out while we were there. Having a Parisian girl on your side can be a definite help, especially when you don’t speak the language and you’re too drunk to even try *ahem*. Big thanks to all of them for experiencing this with me and for being great friends!

I really want to go back, but next time preferably travelling via plane or train, and perhaps with my lovely boyfriend. I definitely feel there’s so much more I could have done food wise, and I kind of want to put a Love Lock on the Pont de l’Archeveche. Sorry, Paris police!

Have you been to Paris? What would you recommend for my next trip? xx

[Image Credits To Louisa Graves]

  • it sounds lovely! I am the same, I didnt go till August this year and we were only there for 48 hours – we went up the Arc de Triomphe but missed out on the rest. I feel like i barely scratched the surface and I would love to go back and explore more. Especially to spend a day in the Louvre!

    • Thank you! It was really good, I just want a little more time there to do some more stuff! Sounds like you had a similar experience time wise as me, and I’m with you on that one – the Louvre looks amazing and I want to go inside! xx