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OOTD: Gig Edition, Part 1

Camden has been my favorite haunt in London (in fact, in the whole UK) for quite some time now, so when I decided to collaborate with Pia Meads Photography for some Outfit Of The Day posts, I was over the moon that she suggested we shoot in this awesome, eclectic location. I feel like it fits the vibe I’m trying to portray perfectly; merging style with music and highlighting fashion with an edge. I love gigs, and dressing up for them, so I’ll be running a mini-series from the shoot with that kind of theme in mind. It’s basically the only time I feel like I have dressing appropriately down!

I love going to gigs and festivals (which you can probably tell from the amount of wristbands I wear… those are only from the last 3 months!). A lot of my social life revolves around musical events, whether it’s concerts or rock club nights, and so I decided to showcase some of my fave outfits that I’d typically wear to these types of place.


Gone are the days where I’d show up in a band T shirt and ripped tights – whilst I do still love an alternative look, I actually still like to put elements of fashion in there, too. So whilst I don’t tend to wear make up in the week, gigs are a place for the classic smoky eye and if you’re going out after, they’re the perfect place to make an effort with your hair! I’m all for wearing what you think is comfortable, but these types of things merge as networking/drinks/nights out now that I’m a little older, so this is my version of other girls going to clubs. I’m aware it’s not a catwalk, but you might as well put in some time and look good, right?

In this shoot I’ve combined a few of my preferred brands – All Saints & ASOS. I’ve mostly shopped in the sale or on eBay (for example, my choker was 99p from there!), as I don’t think you should have to pay a fortune to look nice. I love these leggings, they were an absolute find and I’m obsessed with the leather look merged with the mesh. The top is also super unique and suits my style – slightly different but also very girly, too. The boots speak for themselves! I’ve put links for where to buy everything at the end of this post, although I’m afraid to say that most of it’s sold out now!

IMG_5740 IMG_5728 IMG_5822 ClaireLouiseCamden

IMG_5829 IMG_5863 IMG_5887 IMG_5893

Top: All Saints (Sold Out) Leggings: ASOS (Sold Out, Similar Here) Boots: ASOS (Sold Out)

Choker: eBay

I had soooo much fun doing this shoot and Pia is awesome and made me feel super comfortable. I’d recommend following her on Twitter – keep an eye out for part two of my #OOTDGigEdition coming very soon! I will be doing this as a mini-series, it’ll be alt-fashion tips for the style concious rock fan!

  • Those leggings are awesome! It looks like you had a really fun time shooting too – I love the edgy backdrops x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    • Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun. Pia was really awesome to collaborate with :) xx

  • First of all, I love this. Second, I want to play!

    • Awww thank you! And what do you want to play? Like gig fashion? :) xx

      • Like shoot you. And/or be shot. I know you have a photog for this, we should all meet up and shoot each other. Like Russian roulette but with cameras! And not at all like Russian roulette. Well, it’s an idea.

        • I’d love if you’d shoot me, just let me know when you’re around and we can try and figure it out. I actually only met Pia on this shoot so I’m open to shooting with as many new people as possible :) xx

  • Gorgeous shots! Infectious smile right there ;) x