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OOTD: Gig Edition, Reading Festival Round-Up

I go to a ton of festivals, and I like to look the part. Plus, these days, I know it’s a bit of a “who’s who” type thing, so looking like you made the effort is a nice touch. Sure, it’s not all about what you wear, but looking good is part of the fun of it! For this year’s Reading Festival (Saturday), I braved it in white dungarees, which was risky because of my fake tan and the mud. By the end of the night, these were a little less than pristine, but by that time, I didn’t care. I also realized once I stepped into the sunshine that my bra (aka crop top) was slightly see-through. Oh wellll!

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Reading was a lot of fun, although I sold out Leeds Festival a little by going – I’m probably a traitor now as I’ve been going up North since 2006. However, it was a good laugh – until we had a bit too much to drink – but as my friend Amy says, we simply “weren’t there”. I should have known the day was going to be ridiculous when the aforementioned friend poured my sunscreen down my sink at like 9am to fill it with vodka so she could sneak it in!


Credit: Amy Tassery

PVRIS and Marmozets stole the show for me, which is kick ass because they’re both fronted by inspiring women. I missed half of Marmozets because I was waiting in line for a shower thinking it was the entrance… explains a lot. I think Bring Me The Horizon were probably good as well but by the time they played it was getting to the part that’s a little hazier… oops. I’m normally a lot more attentive on the music front, but there was a lot going on in my life which meant it did take somewhat of a back-seat.

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With Reading being a UK festival, it rained a fair bit which basically sucked. However, I spent the afternoon sitting down by main stage trying to get a bit of sun and catch some great acts and my blanket* was a bloody lifesaver. I’d really recommend anyone taking one especially if they’re sat there in white in a muddy field! It folded up compactly too, which was nice.


The lovely Suzanne & Kerry showing off the blanket all folded up!

As the time went by, I spent half the evening at Reading Festival in the Guest area catching up with old friends, being given doubles-for-singles by the barman, and generally having a laugh… although there were a few low points. Have a good time, but don’t drink when you’re sad!


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Shout out to my friends for being all around awesome, especially to Bethany for sorting out my pass and being so patient with me when I was upset. I’m lucky to have her and I genuinely feel so sorry that I was such a pain! xo

What I Wore

Reading OOTD


Thanks to Amy for these shots of my Reading Festival fashion <3

Dungarees: ASOS Bra: ASOS Choker: Ebay Necklace: Ebay Boots: Doctor Martens

Raincoat: Primark

Please note, my ticket was paid for by me, and my AAA pass was arranged by a personal friend.

*However, I was sent an amazing box of festival prep stuff by Home Bargains (or Home & Bargain if you’re from my old stomping ground of Liverpool!). I didn’t take a lot of it because I only went for the day, but they also sent false nails, a really handy pre drinking cup, along with some amazing silver and gold tattoos. The only thing I didn’t think was cool was the Native American head dress… too cliché and a faux pas considering how offensive many people find this because of cultural appropriation.

  • Mellissa Williams

    Your outfit is awesome Claire. It’s ben a while since I have been to any festivals but i remember going to Monsters Of Rock years ago. That was an experience I can tell you!

  • My Unsettling Life

    It seems like you had a lot of fun!
    I must say I really enjoy your outfit, even if it was risky.