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#RazzForLife To Kick Cancer’s A**

I recently went to a blogger event hosted by the absolutely wonderful Fiona aka The Escapologist’s Daughter. This was an event with a twist – we were all invited specifically to help fight cancer. We paid a donation to attend, and there were plenty of other ways for us to help out throughout the night. We raised money for Cancer Research, but we also met plenty of other inspiring women. With manicures, crafts, snacks, drinks, massages, a raffle and products designed to specifically fight cancer (I’ll get to that!), this was a lovely girls’ night with a difference. Think of it like Race For Life but with no running… that suits me.

I went to this event alone, knowing nobody. However, the magic of blogging is that you meet some truly wonderful individuals and it feels like one big family in an instant. I was blessed to meet so many lovely, inspiring, empowered ladies, including Beth, Kat, Tara, Joanna, Polly, Uli, Rose and Hayley. There were more, I just didn’t catch their links!

Held in Dalston at the Farr’s School Of Dancing, we had the downstairs room rented out just for us. It was an intimate group, but that was nice because we actually had the chance to bond.

Creative & Crafty

The craft table was a great way of getting the discussion about cancer going. I’m sure we’ve all been affected by cancer in some way or another, and it’s a truly horrific disease. My experiences of it have been of young people suffering and being taken way too young, or of families being torn apart. Of course, I’ve also known some people to beat it, and this is thanks to the research of the last few decades. I want to be a part of making that a reality for everyone in future generations to come. Parents should never have to bury their children and likewise, young people should never have to grow up missing a loving parent.

Everyone at the craft table vented their frustration with it creatively. Some of us were pensive, some of us were just downright hilarious – trying to fight back with some positivity which is something cancer inevitably tries to take. This was #RazzForLife, so we had glitter pens and everything – adding some much needed razzle-dazzle into an otherwise awful subject.

I even got my very first tattoo in solidarity with the ‘Pink Army’… pretty cute, right?!


Healthy Donuts?!

There was the option for a manicure, but I’ve only just had my nails done, so that wasn’t really an option for me. Likewise, I missed my massage because I was just chatting away and having a giggle with all the awesome people in the group. I did, however, indulge in some truly INCREDIBLE donuts made by the beautiful Polly from The Cake Diaries. They were absolutely delish, and get this – TOTALLY HEALTHY. I had my fair share, let me tell you.


Life Saving Lotions

Towards the end of the night, I went to speak to a man who’d brought an intriguing assortment of goodies, all laid out on a table. It turns out that after watching Embarrassing Bodies on TV a few years ago, he and his wife heard them explaining that women should check their boobs after they shower for lumps, as it’s the best time. However, I know myself – we’re all doing a million things in the bathroom when getting ready that we often forget the most important things. This inspiring couple wanted to change that, so they made some wonderful lotions at home with packaging to encourage women to check their breasts, with instructions of how to do it. I was instantly fascinated by this AMAZING company, Sniffy Wiffy, and I vow to tell everyone I know about them. I bought their Banana flavor body butter, but their Dark Chocolate flavor was divine! They’re branching out into stuff for men soon, and they’re going to be collaborating with Cancer Research themselves, after garnering a lot of attention from celebs on social media. They make all the stuff at home, and it’s all fresh and aromatic. I’m in love!

And The Winner Is…

Overall, I had a fab night, and I even won in the raffle. I got my very first GlossyBox, and I was so excited to see my surprise gifts! I thought the excitement was the best part, and I’m excited to try the products. I probably wouldn’t subscribe, but the whole idea is so cool.


I also got a goody bag, complete with sweeties and beauty treats – I can’t wait to have a pamper night with my face masks!

The real winner of the night though was Cancer Research. Sure, our efforts were humble compared to some of the donations they get, but it was so nice to see a group of bloggers where everybody checked their ego at the door. An amazing night, with amazing women, for an amazing cause. Thanks girls!