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Roof Garden Restaurant, Bergamo

I’m a huge foodie, and I love nothing more than Italian food, especially when it’s gorgeous, authentic and actually cooked in Italy, where it obviously originates from. I’ve developed a taste for Michelin Star restaurants in the past year, too, so whenever it’s a special occasion, my boyfriend Dougie and I are trying to make this our ‘thing’. I didn’t really know that we were making this tradition though, and so the surprise of walking into a restaurant of this caliber with such astounding views of the local area on my 25th birthday was absolutely amazing! Roof Garden added that little extra special something to an already incredible surprise trip to Northern Italy. 

Roof Garden, situated in Bergamo, Italy is worth the visit, whether you’re a local, or a tourist, like me. As an elegant, exquisite and truly unique modern space, Roof Garden offers a delicious and contemporary take on timeless Italian classics. Dougie knew I like my food delicious and plentiful, so Roof Garden was the perfect option. With a little help from his Italian friend, Alice, he managed to plan the ultimate dinner excursion for the two of us, about an hour’s drive from our amazing hotel in the region.

As with many Italian restaurants, there were plenty of courses. Some were on the menu, whilst some were added little touches. Of course, there was also bread!


We opted for a three course set menu, with a few different options to choose from. I went for a delicious ravioli style dish to start – a local tradition filled with meat, teamed with home made butter, pancetta, sage and Parmesan.


I ordered tender, juicy veal with potato and leek dauphinoise for my main, and Dougie had ‘steak in two kinds’ for his – basically a fillet on one side of the plate, and steak tartare on the other. All I can say is WOW.


When it came to the dessert, we let the chefs surprise us. The restaurant had even gone to the trouble of placing a single candle in between the trio of treats, to mark my special occasion. I love special touches like that! There was a chocolatey delicacy I especially loved, sprinkled with biscuits, so that was a bonus, too.


The meal was absolutely full of surprises throughout, in fairness. We were brought a little appetiser to begin – octopus cous cous with a carrot puree. I’ve never tried octopus before, and, as a non-adventurous ‘fussy foodie’, I would literally never have ordered it. However, it was actually pretty nice, and I ate the whole lot! In between the starter and the main, we were also given squid in a tomato based sauce,  but I have to admit I’m not a squid fan, so I just ate the polenta (an Italian cornflour dish) that was underneath. I gave Dougie the rest so I didn’t look rude!


Overall, my pasta was possibly the nicest I’ve ever tried, and the veal was out of this world. Finishing off the meal with a walk around the terrace (a definite must, by the way, as they pride themselves on their view of the old town, and for good reason…) it was the most incredible night, with the perfect atmosphere and the perfect food!

What’s your favorite cuisine? xx