My Headers (22)

Rush Hair, Kilburn

I absolutely love getting my hair blown out, so when I was invited by Rush Hair to celebrate their Kilburn salon opening, I jumped at the opportunity. I can never quite achieve the same results at home even if I try, so I always love the experience of a blow dry from a pro.

I was initially invited on the Saturday, which was the actual launch day, but I had a disaster in that my entire bathroom flooded. And I mean *flooded*. Luckily I’m in managed accommodation so it was instantly fixed, but sadly I still had to reschedule.

Thinking the salon wouldn’t be open on Sundays, I frantically searched my diary for a free date. To my surprise, Rush Hair in Kilburn actually does open every single day of the week, so I booked in for the following day.

I arrived and I was immediately led through to wait with some magazines on some comfy chairs. I was given a glass of water, and treated with total respect. The staff were really apologetic that I had to wait five minutes but I didn’t mind – the salon was super busy!

I was taken over to a mirror to discuss the treatment I was going to receive. My stylist was a lovely girl named Roxandra and she was honestly the sweetest. She even agreed to do me a cheeky fringe trim, even though I’d only been invited for the blow dry itself!

Having my hair washed felt luxurious. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed; but Roxandra went out of her way to really check that I was comfortable. She was great at the little head massage and she even gave me tips on keeping my hair in great condition, talking me through all of the products. Despite sensing some nervousness because English wasn’t her first language, she really knew what she was talking about.


When I was led back to the styling chair in my swish little cape, I felt confident that I’d like a curly blow. I always feel like it’s the most special type of blow dry that you can possibly have, because it’s the least like you can do at home

I’m always super keen to see how well this is done outside of Liverpool. I was lucky as I used to work in PR & Marketing at Voodou there, so I always got free treatments – and those girls mean business with their curly blow! I find a lot of people outside the city just simply don’t get it. However, Roxandra did an amazing job and I was so happy with the volume I had afterwards, even though she used different techniques to what I was used to. She used a mix of Redken and Kerastase products on my hair, which made it really shiny and smoothe, too.


Overall, I thought my hair looked amazing, and it would be perfect for going out. Sadly, as I ended up going on the Sunday and not the Saturday (when I was off out after!) as initially planned, all I really did was walk around and shop. However, I always feel that a blow dry makes you feel really good and confident, so it was worth it just for that.


Thanks to everyone at Rush in Kilburn; I’d really recommend popping in to say hey! I was so surprised at the amount of friends of mine who confessed to never having had a blow dry, but you need to go. It’s a life changer – so treat yourself!

*I was very kindly invited to the salon for a free treatment, however, all views & reviews are my own!