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Ski Dubai, Mall Of The Emirates

I told more than one friend I was going to Ski Dubai and in more than one case, their response was the same. “HOW is it possible that you’re going SKIING in the DESERT?”, and phrases to that extent. Ski Dubai is one of the world’s biggest and best fake snow experience centres, offering skiing, snowboarding, djdkdk and more, and it’s set right in the heart of one of Dubai’s greatest shopping malls of all places – Mall of the Emirates.

I’ve been coming to Dubai for over ten years, and so I’ve been skiing here quite a lot, too. Despite not being a super sporty person by nature since I was really little, I’ve grown up to love anything a little different – and by that I mean anything you don’t typically get in a UK gym class!

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Extreme sports are obviously best in the environments you’re supposed to enjoy them in, but there are merits to indoor centres as well. The snow is as ‘real’ as you can get at Ski Dubai for a start, and so it’s already got miles on the whole awful dry ski slope concept. There are a few different runs at Ski Dubai, and I usually go for the more advanced ones. It means you spend a lot of your time on the ski lift, but it’s worth it if you prefer to be challenged. This time, the hardest route was closed and so I made a bit of a complaint at the entrance. As a result, I got a bit of a discount. Yay! There are some jumps and tricks you can do on the slopes, which I usually don’t bother with. However, I’m almost an advanced skier and so I knew I wouldn’t have any issues with the smaller ones so I gave it a go as you can see here!

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Ski Dubai caters for beginners, intermediate people and the advanced. Of course, if you’re a full on expert it won’t compare to the slopes, but it’s great for a bit of fun!

I love the fact that you can either get lessons or do your own thing. Or, if you’re simply not feeling confident or you want to mess around, you’re free to greet penguins, roll around in a giant ball, zip line or toboggan instead!

If you’re visiting, I really recommend a visit as a surreal break from the intense heat!