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An Open Letter To Men’s Rights Activists

Are you a Men’s Rights Activist? Hi, this piece is aimed at you. Please sit down and read before you make any judgements. Yes, you. I can sense your indignation already, and I’m just waiting for the ‘Feminazi’ comments to start rolling in. However, I can assure you that I’m nothing of the sort – I mean for starters, I’ve never practiced mass genocide in the name of a cause I believe in.

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New project (1)

Feminism: A 101 Crash Course On My Views & Why I’m Training To Be A Rape Support Worker

As many of you will probably know, I have identified as a feminist (the liberal kind who believes in gender equality and NOT superiority) for quite some time now, maybe a couple of years. I’ve decided to get more actively involved and try to make a physical difference by working in the field of what remains a highly feminist issue – rape support.

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