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20 Things We’re Dying To Do On Parahoy 2016

Parahoy 2016: It’s coming! Whether you’ve got a ticket for this incredible extravaganza or not, you can’t deny that the premise is absolutely INCREDIBLE, and the average Paramore fan would most likely give their record collection or snip off their brightly coloured hair to be able to attend. What is it? It’s a Sixthman cruise, a festival, and a party, all in one – with Paramore. Wow. Now that the Parahoy 2016 schedule has finally been released, I’m already thinking about what I want to do most (even though I know I’m probably going to be too hungover for some of the daytime activities). So, whether you’re playing pretend or you’re literally getting on board, here are the top picks of activities and fun things to do at the best event ever – round two!

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Why Slam Dunk Does It Better Than Most

When it comes to all-day festivals in the UK, there are an absolute multitude of them, and most of them do it very, very well. Some personal favorites of mine include Takedown and Hit The Deck, but I must admit that Slam Dunk Festival has been the highlight of my British musical calendar for many years. It’s now a staple feature for any rock fan, and thousands of us flock to either North (Leeds), South (Hatfield) or Midlands (Wolverhampton) for our fix. Or two of them. Or all three!

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New Year’s Eve In Paris

Paris is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and I can’t believe I didn’t until 2014. Considering I’ve been to some of the major cities of the world, it’s a bit ridiculous to think I still hadn’t ventured to this one, on my very doorstep! I don’t really have a clue what I expected, but I really enjoyed it either way, and didn’t want to spend New Year doing something rubbish in Peterborough, of all places.  So, off we popped on a coach journey from hell and made our way through the Eurotunnel!

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