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Paramore And PVRIS Don’t Sound The Same. Just Stop.

Pa-ramore. Pa-ris (yes, that’s how you say PVRIS, although without the dash in the middle… keep up). Other than sharing identical prefixes, these two bands are nothing alike – unless you count the fact that their singers both identify as females. In 2015, it shouldn’t be a shock, or valid reason for us to make such brilliant observations as “oh cool, it’s a female fronted band!”. However, sadly, due to a lack of equality and women in the industry, it too often is.

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Paramore Owned 2014. Here’s Why!

There are seemingly an abundance of bands I could have chosen to write about to end the year 2014, but there’s only one band I feel qualified to write about in such detail, only one band who have seemingly dominated the year the way this one has, and, if I’m bloody honest, only one band who deserve to be admired to the point that I’d say they “owned” an entire year. Of course, I’m talking about Paramore. Who else? If you don’t believe they’re deserving of this ‘Band Of The Year’ type accolade, you might have to rethink your stance after reading this and truly taking in everything they’ve achieved…

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