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5 Reasons To Travel More In The UK

I am always shocked when people act really surprised about the fact I travel so often around the UK. I mean, to me, this country is so small, and there are so many deals that I feel it’s really obvious that it’s a simple way to see more places without even needing a passport. However, it’s not always such a given for other people – I really wonder why that is – but maybe with a slight nudge they might venture on out more…

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Halloween Fun @ Candy Hearts Make Up & Hair, Liverpool

Do you know what you’re going as for Halloween yet? Eek, I don’t! For the first time in years, I’m not ahead of the game with this stuff – I’ve just had loads else on my mind! No matter what I end up going as, I don’t think I will be able to recreate a look quite as good as this. Sarah from Candy Hearts Make Up & Hair in Liverpool is doing different looks for Halloween this year – and I was lucky enough to be her model!

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The Side Door, Liverpool

As part of my recent visit home, I spent a fair bit of time in my old University city, Liverpool. Whilst living there, I don’t think I quite appreciated the culture, or indeed the vast array of restaurants on offer in the city until it was too late. However, now that I live in a town where Nando’s is “that cool new chicken restaurant”, I find myself craving cosmopolitan places and all of the amazing things they have to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m somewhat addicted to Nando’s, but as a foodie, I find there is SO much food out there, and so little time. My friend, ‘Ashley the boy’ (when mentioned at home), and Booth/Mr Booth to everyone online (and his year three kids), apparently is also always on the lookout for new places, as well as people who actually have the money to accompany him. So, I set him the task of finding somewhere to eat on my return, and he was pretty happy to oblige. He picked The Side Door – and boy, was I disappointed.

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