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Gaucho Restaurant, Dubai

I’ve always loved food, but it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve *really* had something to say. Gaucho is an established name back in the UK and I’d heard so much about it. After one of my best friends visited for her birthday recently with me all the way over in the UAE, I decided to Google it… just to look. I was overjoyed to find that it had branched out to the Emirates and so I booked myself a table whilst on my trip to Dubai.  Continue reading

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Ai Fiori, Manhattan, New York City

I’m becoming a Michelin Star restaurant fiend. If that’s a faux pas to make a big thing about, sue me. If I’m going to spend a large proportion of my income on food, I’m going to shout about it. You see, whilst I’m more than comfortable enough to go to these types of places, my bank account still notices. I’m not exactly a millionaire. I’m happy with that though, because Ai Fiori, my third ever Michelin Starred restaurant is memorable to me, because I don’t get to taste food like this every day.

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Roof Garden Featured

Roof Garden Restaurant, Bergamo

I’m a huge foodie, and I love nothing more than Italian food, especially when it’s gorgeous, authentic and actually cooked in Italy, where it obviously originates from. I’ve developed a taste for Michelin Star restaurants in the past year, too, so whenever it’s a special occasion, my boyfriend Dougie and I are trying to make this our ‘thing’. I didn’t really know that we were making this tradition though, and so the surprise of walking into a restaurant of this caliber with such astounding views of the local area on my 25th birthday was absolutely amazing! Roof Garden added that little extra special something to an already incredible surprise trip to Northern Italy. 

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The Side Door, Liverpool

As part of my recent visit home, I spent a fair bit of time in my old University city, Liverpool. Whilst living there, I don’t think I quite appreciated the culture, or indeed the vast array of restaurants on offer in the city until it was too late. However, now that I live in a town where Nando’s is “that cool new chicken restaurant”, I find myself craving cosmopolitan places and all of the amazing things they have to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m somewhat addicted to Nando’s, but as a foodie, I find there is SO much food out there, and so little time. My friend, ‘Ashley the boy’ (when mentioned at home), and Booth/Mr Booth to everyone online (and his year three kids), apparently is also always on the lookout for new places, as well as people who actually have the money to accompany him. So, I set him the task of finding somewhere to eat on my return, and he was pretty happy to oblige. He picked The Side Door – and boy, was I disappointed.

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Christmas Eve @ The Red Fox, Thornton Hough (Wirral)

As my work ever so kindly let us finish for Christmas on the 19th, it meant I could attempt to restore some sanity by returning home and seeing my family, who I am super close to. On Christmas Eve, we decided going for a nice spot of lunch would be the perfect way to spend the day together before heading our separate ways for Christmas itself. The Red Fox, in Thornton Hough on the Wirral/Cheshire border is the recently renovated, absolutely gorgeous replacement for The Grange, which was another previously upscale restaurant that I hear had a few issues towards the end. The rework they’ve done is extensive, the money spent could well have been a risk, but although it’s still early days yet –  I’d still say it was all worth it.

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Food: San Carlo, Leicester – Review

San Carlo has been my favorite non-Michelin starred restaurant for a few years now, with its delicious and classic Italian menu. Although this family owned restaurant isn’t a chain by any means, its success has driven it to open in several locations. Leicester was the third I’ve visited, along with Liverpool and Bristol…

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