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Food: The Cliffs Restaurant @ Tan Rallt, North Wales – Review

On our recent trip to my grandparents’ static home at the Tan Rallt resort in Wales, Dougie and I visited the on site ‘The Cliffs’ Restaurant. The suggestion and subsequent reservation were both made by my Nan, so we figured we’d try it out.

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Upon entering the restaurant, it’s very clear that the target clientele is your high end, perhaps older sect of society, although, whilst many of the other tables had years on us both, there were a few pepperings here and there of people more our age (typically dining with families). Evidently, it’s got a ridiculously appropriate name, as it really does sit nicely at a cliff top! This of course leads to a stunning view, which was really nice to take in from the giant windows throughout.

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We were initially seated in the bar area, and left to look over both the regular menu and the drinks one. We’re not really big drinkers, so we just wanted to get stuck right in to eat. Left alone to decide, in all honesty, I started freaking out thinking they’d forgotten about us – I was pretty starving! However, they were soon back with us to take our order. We were eventually taken through to the dining area, which is pretty simple, yet elegant, and it was here that I finally got to do something about my ridiculous hunger.

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Now, the service was not in the slightest bit slow, I’m just somewhat of a drama queen and a bit of a fidgety mess when I’m awaiting food! I’m also a bit of a ‘play it safe’ kind of girl, which is why I got total food envy when Dougie’s Salmon Roulade was placed in front of him – I’d instead asked for some Smoked Salmon. Totally tasty, but, through fear of not liking all the trimmings, I’d opted to have the simpler variation. Whilst it was lovely, I guess it was kind of a regret not just taking the plunge… Dougie’s was delicious!

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For the entrees, we both went for a good old fashioned steak. Steak is basically my go-to dish when I eat out, and without being too morbid, if I ever did find myself on death row, I’d definitely request one as my last meal! Unfortunately, the restaurant was all out of Sirloin, which we had wanted, but the Rump was just as good. It sounds weird to say, but for a 10oz, it was pretty huge (yes, I’m aware all 10z steaks are, by definition, the same size…). I had dauphinoise potatoes with mine (a substitution because, y’ know, fussy), and Dougie had chips. Both steaks were cooked exactly as requested, and the Peppercorn sauce just made the whole thing even more delectable.

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Throughout the meal, the staff were both friendly and attentive. There wasn’t really anything we could fault about our experience, other than the fact it was a teensy bit too dark after the sun had set above our table. When mistakes were made (such as our 10% members discount being left off), they couldn’t be quicker or nicer in rectifying the issue.

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We left super impressed, and super full, which is exactly what you want from a fine dining experience. The portions were amazing and a little on the larger side, which I love. I do think they need a ‘wet floor’ sign outside the place as the stairs get dangerously slippery in wet weather – an older person could easily slip! But saying that, Dougie didn’t (!), so we returned to the plot – literally across the road and within sight – incredibly happy.