Thoughts On American Election Day; By A Brit Who Wants Her Cake With Rainbows & Smiles

It’s finally here, the day that’s been looming over us for what seems like decades, but it can’t have been, right?! (I really don’t know anymore…). It is, of course, election day in the USA. I use ‘us’ collectively; because whilst I am not an American citizen, I live in a world where almost every major decision made across the ocean either directly or indirectly impacts us all. Whilst it may not be my right to say so, I implore my American friends – of which there are many – to really think carefully about where they cast their vote today.

I don’t mean to patronise with my alien way of speaking and feeling – it’s clearly not my place. Most of you will have made your decisions about who you’ll vote for a really long time ago. I’ve been watching throughout the campaign cycle, absolutely transfixed, from a distance but also over the course of several recent visits. From the beginning, and through to the Primaries where I became such a fervent supporter of Bernie Sanders, I have been vocal about the kind of values I have hoped to see in the next President. I gave equal amounts of passion in speaking about Bernie and bonding over him, as he did to being genuinely interested in making America a fairer, better place. Regardless of his defeat; I have no doubts that if I were American, I would be voting Democrat today. And for the forseeable future, at least until America stops fearing democratic socialism. But I digress, as that’s hardly relevant now.

Part of me wants Donald Trump running for POTUS to have been some completely and utterly sick ‘joke’. For him to jump out and say “wow, you guys… I made it REALLY OBVIOUS that I was a parody of a candidate to prove a point. I am so ridiculous, how could you be so stupid?!” But I know it’s not. There’s nothing funny about racism, you see. Or about being accused of rape. Or not believing in climate change. Or about misogyny, homophobia, or ignorance. Nothing funny in the slightest.

Most of the world can see this, as we watch – powerless. Whilst the world is definitely getting more and more scarily ‘far right’; even right wing people can typically see the GOP have someone akin to Hitler running for office on their behalf. Go figure – that worked out horrifically last time, but the warning signs are there, with the foundations laid. The UK made some poor decisions this year, and just a few extra votes could change everything. Remember that. You really could save the world!

And yet, I can see why some Americans are disenfranchised with the current state of things when it comes to this evil man. I really can, okay? A lot of people are having a tough time of things and when someone says ‘Make America Great Again!’; they sit up and they listen. They imagine things getting back to the ‘good old days’, but what they don’t see, among their hard times and struggles, is the privilege which very often stares them in the face. Ask yourself – when was America great? Was it great for everyone, or just the male, white privileged? I don’t think it was great for black people. Or women. Or gay people. Or other groups of minorities who still struggle to have their voices heard today. The practice of erasure is strong and Trump’s campaign only seeks to silence them further. If you don’t like immigrants, too bad – unless you are Native American. If you are not, your country is built on the back of the blend of cultures offered. Do you want to regress? Do you want to be on the wrong side of history? We need to find compromise so that everyone an safely enjoy the potential that the USA has. Because it’s not great until it’s inclusive.

This isn’t a debate about Politics anymore. Whilst I cannot ignore the flaws in American government which have led to Hillary coming this far, she is a qualified candidate, and I think she will at least aim to stand for things we should all believe in – equality and fairness being among them. This is not even Democrats vs Republicans anymore. I hope that my Republican friends won’t vote for this man that’s literally so ironically against a lot of conservative values, just to get one over on us Dems.  I read something the other day which posed the question about Hillary’s actions in light of the rape allegations against Donald. Ask yourself “is what I’m about to accuse her of really worse than child rape?”. The answer is no. Even if Donald is proven innocent of this, he’s certainly made comments which are illegal in the past. In fact, for such comments, a TV presenter was fired. If you need less moral fibre to stand as the leader of the free world than to be on TV; you’ve made a mockery of the system. If you have so much been accused of these things in a way that’s serious enough to have reached trial, you would step down if you really cared about your country. Besides, I read Paris Hilton has actually been better at growing her personal wealth. I’d actually rather she was in charge at this point!

Dishonesty has been fraught on both sides, but these are the options you have been left with. They are only the faces of government, anyway. Please vote, and please vote wisely. Voting third party would be wonderful in an ideal world, but I personally know that America is NOT ready for it – maybe next time, but not quite now. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a wasted vote, but it’s certainly a vote that’s almost self-serving, rather than making actual change. If you agree with Bernie and Jill; Hillary will see that your moral beliefs are at least represented.

If it’s too late for Bernie (which it sadly is), and if you can’t write in “FLOTUS FOR POTUS” and we can’t keep Obama for another four years (lol) – then help document this in history as the day someone literally trumped Trump. And also, the day a woman became President, less than 100 years after our gender even got the vote. It’s sure not about gender, but it’s still a pretty big step.

I guess what I am finally trying to say is… I’m with her.