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Travel: Halloween In The USA!

So, this may be ridiculously late, but I guess in talking about Halloween now, it’s a true Nightmare Before Christmas (oh god….I’ll stop, ha). Dougie and I went for our first proper trip together, to Orlando, and although I’ve posted about the Disney Party and the Universal Party, I kinda skipped on the food and other experiences. So here’s a cute video and some pics to sum it up!

Of course, we did so much. The weather was great so we did typical ‘holiday’ things like enjoy the pool, and of course we were total tourists doing all the theme park things we could fit in. Going to America – specifically Disney – on Halloween was on my bucket list because I *knew* they’d go all out. I was not disappointed!

I’ve showcased some of the highlights below…

Top Five Highlights

  • The food, as ever. I’m lucky and have a fast metabolism and almost never gain weight – in the UK! America seems to be another story, but the plate sizes have me in ACTUAL HEAVEN. I still don’t put on too much, luckily, but even if I did – worth it! Steaks and other meat treats galore. From TGI Fridays, to Buffalo Wild Wings and even the Hard Rock Cafe, we visited some of the Kingpins of American cuisine.


  • Disney. Oh my god, DISNEY! I haven’t mentioned this before on my blog, but we only bloody well managed guestlist for it, didn’t we?! Forget bands and festivals, this is the real deal. Not only did we get to do the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, but we returned like three days later with my lovely friend Erin who got us cheeky passes, free snacks & drinks and a discounted lunch. Ultimate experience! The Aerosmith Rollercoaster and Tower Of Terror have to be my fave rides, both in Hollywood Studios!






  • Universal. I was terrified during their Halloween Horror Nights, but totally transported back to childhood with their Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. Love, love, love. Best of both worlds, and a really fun place just to hang out. The ride where you’re simulating being on a broomstick is second-to-none.




  • The Gospel Brunch at the House Of Blues. I’d wanted to do this for literally YEARS and I’m so glad I finally did. Despite not being a Christian, the temptation of a huge deep-South themed brunch combined with actual, real life Gospel singers was too much to resist. It was a real American experience, with people genuinely moved by the ‘Holy Spirit’ and the excitement. I don’t blame them! The singers AND servers were incredible, and the leading lady even spoke to us for ages afterwards. Plus, the venue is in Downtown Disney and it’s iconic, bands play there and stuff as well. I’d recommend it to anyone!



  • Spending time with awesome people – specifically Dougie, on our first trip together, but also catching up with American friends. From Parahoy cruisers, to Internet friends I met through the failed Hydrafest thing (…), it was awesome. Shopping, meals and theme parks – what more could I ask for?!


I love the USA, and now Dougie does too! Do you? x

  • christophermm

    Great Job!! See you next Halloween to know what is what!! I was 1 week early to meet you!!

    • Claire Louise Sheridan

      I know, right! What a shame :( I wish I could go again next Halloween, but I will have to use my vacation time for a different experience next year I think! But thanks for reading xx