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Uprawr London: Dingwalls Relaunch

Uprawr is back – yessss! Although my favorite rock night is no longer located in the Purple Turtle (RIP), it’s returned with a vengeance to its original home, Dingwalls, in the heart of Camden Lock. This is where I got my first taste of the madness back in January 2012, and it’s even better than I remembered it.


VIP Treatment

I have quite a close relationship with Total Uprawr as a brand, having worked alongside them in a few different capacities over the past couple of years. I was so grateful – as I always am – to Leoni, the lovely superstar manager, who granted me guestlist for the opening night. I was also grateful to the lovely Jaci, who owns the Asylum where it’s held in Birmingham, and who’s also Jack’s mum, one of the guys who runs the whole thing.

Here I am on the night – I have no pics with my friends because I always forget! I do get vain in the bathroom after a few drinks though… mostly when I’m pretending not to be listening to gossip. (But FYI girls: I am!).


I didn’t know that for one night only, the guestlist they granted me would mean VIP access, including a free bar with shots and vodka galore!!!

So, on Thursday, July 16th, I found myself wishing two things:

  1. That I didn’t have to be up early the following day.
  2. That I had realized the bar was free before buying two drinks at the one upstairs!


Looking for a true rock clubnight or alt night in London? You’ve found it! Uprawr is five years old, and they know how to get a party right for all you metal, rock, emo and everything-else-in-between kids.


July 16th was no exception! Everyone was really up for it, and there was a queue around the block still when I arrived at about 11.15pm. They were offering queue jump for the night, and this meant my friend was able to get in when I went past on the guestlist, as he’d pre-paid a little extra for that. If he hadn’t, I think I’d have been waiting for him to get in for a while! I just love that it’s so packed, and that its reputation brings so many people out even on a Thursday.

There’s a bar upstairs when you enter, where you can sit and talk, and then a bar in the main dance room. There was obviously also one in the VIP section, but the atmosphere in there was basically ‘band boys and alt models and their egos’, for the most part, although I did catch up with several friends in there. All the bars were super busy and I think the one slight issue is that they could have done with more bar staff – but with a drink costing £1-2, it’s no wonder it was mobbed!

*I’ve since heard they’re doubling up on bar staff from now on… result!


The music is incredible (if you ask me, anyway!), and you can expect to hear the likes of Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon and Brand New, with fun stuff like Taylor Swift or Pendulum nestled in between. It truly is a party – there’s something for everyone!

Super soakers. Confetti. Dancing – what more could you need?

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Dingwalls is really special to me, as I met some of my closest friends here, and a lot of them were out on the night. I’m so glad it’s back!

Everyone had a really awesome time and every single one of the staff and DJs did an amazing job, as usual. Mel Clarke, Jon Mahon, Leoni, Lewis Felstead, Rich Stokes, Tommy Noble, Andy Shaw, Becky – and anyone I forgot, thank you, and I love you all!

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See Uprawr For Yourself…

Video Courtesy Of Uprawr!

If you like fun and a cheap night out, or you appreciate a sea of piercings, tattoos, and quirky fashion; Uprawr is open every Thursday evening in Camden at Dingwalls from 10.30pm-2.30am. It really captures the Camden vibe, and costs just £5 to get in, with cheap deals on drinks all night.

 *All photography (except my selfie!) courtesy of Joe Brady and the video is by George Rockett!