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What Festivals Taught Me About My Phone Addiction

Hi, my name is Claire Louise Sheridan, and I’m a phone-aholic (this is the part where I think you’re supposed to say “Hi Claire”). I’ve known this for ages, I’m not going to lie, but it’s gotten to the point where I physically will not leave my house without my charger. I charge my phone in restaurants, at work, in DJ booths in clubs, and on many a floor in shopping centres. Basically, the idea of being without a phone is like missing a limb, and festivals exacerbate the problem for the most part because there are often very few places to charge your phone. So what’s a girl to do?

I’ll always be found with my phone in hand or very close by, that’s an absolute fact. It’s been commented on more than once by my peers, family and exes, and bosses are so accustomed to it by now that it’s actually best not to say anything. I think the withdrawals of not being around it would actually affect my concentration and lead me to full stage meltdown. I know what you’re thinking… pretty sad, right? Yeah, I guess it is. I don’t want to be rude, I don’t want to miss things going on in the real world, but genuinely, I feel like an addict. I’m not alone though. Here’s a snap of my friends on a night out!


If you’re reading this and thinking “cheeky b*tch never texts me back”… yep. I’m afraid sometimes all I do is scroll. It’s so mindless that I forget to do the things that really matter. I’m usually worried about the whole “low battery” thing at around 85%, so I’m most likely being over-cautious…. eek!


Festivals are usually at least somewhat okay for me because I work at so many of them, but the lack of guest list which does happen from time to time makes me freak out in ways people don’t understand. I’m not bothered about having to actually pay for a ticket so much as the fact that without a press area or VIP section, I’m unlikely to find power to charge my phone’s battery.

It’s times like these that really make you reflect and think about the severity of it all. So when Insurance2Go contacted me offering me a festival survival kit, I jumped at the chance. I guess the more active you are on your phone and the more it’s protected, the less likely you are to lose it (and trust me, my days of phone insurance claims just weren’t fun!).


They sent a solar powered battery charger. Have you ever heard of anything so genius?! Even though festivals in the UK are known for rain, any kind of UV rays will charge it, as will a mains charger too. I was also sent a waterproof pouch, and even a Bluetooth shower thing. I literally never have to be without my phone again.

I know, I know. It’s a total first world problem. But it’s a problem for me, and this helps. I went to something stupid like 11 festivals last year, and around 6 this year (such as Slam Dunk and Warped Tour Ventura).


At Reading Festival, the little charging gadget was a godsend. Despite ending up backstage at night time where I could charge at the mains, the little yellow lifesaver got me through the day, literally. Without it, I’d have lost all my friends and been totally miserable.

Reading OOTD

It’s not just festivals, either. I don’t have to go without my phone on my travels, which I do a lot, or on nights out, or anywhere else for that matter. Although I will inevitably forget to carry this stuff around on a day-to-day basis, it’s so nice for my peace of mind to know I’ve got back ups there.

Please don’t send me to rehab!

*Insurance2Go sent me the phone pack to take to Reading Festival, but all words and views are my own. I want to thank them so much for saving my life! Sadly, I didn’t fabricate this ridiculously lame problem… it’s all very much the truth. Just ask anyone I know to vouch for that!

  • I understand how you feel about being attached to your phone. I’m always like that too, specially us bloggers that we need the urge of taking photos, writing notes, etc. I’m glad you found a phone pack for your phone that worked for you and you were able to bring it at Reading Festival :-) xx

  • fashion-mommy

    I’m so with you on this, I’m totally lost if I don’t have my phone – it’s not the actual phoning, it’s my social network I can’t be without. Sad but true!