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When Spain Met London

I love London, but it’s not exactly cocktails on a sunny beach! I’m new to calling the city my home, but whilst I’m still completely enamoured, it’s always nice to be invited for a little break away. Full disclosure: I wasn’t ACTUALLY invited to Spain, but the lovely Frankie who does PR for Mahou did invite me to their very own version in the city, and I must admit they did a pretty good job at being Spanish!

I love PR events which capture the feeling a brand is trying to create, and that’s exactly what this was. Mahou had built a little square – La Plaza – in the midst of Central London, and thanks to the sunny July evening, it worked perfectly. I thought the whole idea was simple and yet creative, highlighting the summery feel of this Madrid-native brand’s beer.

I was doing a little detox alcohol wise, so I sadly couldn’t sample any of the beer, but I did get to indulge in some DELICIOUS Spanish ham which was carved out right in front of me courtesy of the amazing Camino. All day long I’d been saying to my friends “I just hope there’s Spanish ham…”and to be honest, it made my night!


The cheeky chappies in charge of dishing it up also teased me until I tried an olive, despite me saying I didn’t like them. I was convinced otherwise because of the trouble they’d gone to marinating them, but guys, I must say – I told you so, sorry! (I’ll let them off though because again… that ham!).

The Spanish theme continued with lazy loungers dotted around the place, to soak up what was left of the evening sun. There was even a man serenading us all with his Spanish guitar.


The Mahou La Plaza at Regent’s Place Plaza was open all afternoon to everyone, offering a fun wheel to win some prizes, tapas and more. Mahou is apparently a great tapas companion, as it highlights what the Spanish do best – enjoying their food and drink!


At the moment, I’m basically freelancing as a writer although I’m doing a huge temporary project for one of my clients. However, having worked in PR at my previous agency, I’d be really keen to get back into it once I’m properly settled in London (and after I go away on the travels I’ve just booked!). If I do, I’d want to work in exactly the same way as Frankie.

I truly believe that a good PR representative can make the difference between a good brand event and a great one. She knew her stuff about her client, Mahou, and she was even sweet enough to talk to me for a good while and give me tips about the work she does, as well as just entertaining me with general chit-chat. She’s a credit to her agency and part of the reason I had a great time.

I was given a little goody bag as I left, complete with some takeaway bottles of Mahou. I must admit, these were soon devoured by some friends of mine – but they said they were delicious!

*I was invited to review this event as a complimentary PR experience. All words and opinions are my own :)