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My Year In Nails: Nails Of 2014

So this post really isn’t going to be for everyone, but I’ve been super into getting my nails done this year! I get gel extensions & infills, just from wherever’s cheapest, and they always last me FOREVER. I haven’t gone anywhere near as often as you’re meant to (oops!) – it’s becoming quite costly as it is – but I always try to keep them looking as cute as possible. Now that I’ve just had what I assume will be my last ones until my ‘New Year’ ones (whatever they will be…!), I’ve collated a little round up of some of my faves, and some of the best ways I’ve worn them…

I had these lovely silver ones done around the time of my birthday. I went out to Leeds Cockpit, the grungey hole in my heart (RIP), but even so, I wanted something a little classy and glam. That’s how we went out, too. Shame that’s not how we came home, haha!



The next set I loved were my Parahoy nails! I wanted something a little bit special considering it was such a special trip. A cruise of Miami and the Bahamas with one of my favorite bands? Talk about a dream come true…!



It’s only fitting that the next ones were my gorgeous Parahoy UK Cruisers reunion nails in May! I knew I’d be wearing pastel colors, and it was time to enjoy the summer with my new friends <3 These were really cute, I did like the lilac color but I wasn’t keen on the way the glitter was upside down on one nail on each hand…

PastelNailsSummer Pastels

As the summer progressed, oddly enough, I decided to opt for a complete change and return to my roots: total goth! I wanted to get something cool but also elegant because I was taking Dougie away on an awesome weekend away in London… so I went with these!



By midsummer, I was dyeing my hair all kinds of awesome pinks – festival season calls for it, after all! Incidentally, I actually went to 10,000 million festivals this past summer (barely even an exaggeration), and so I got these to match the bright hair, just before heading off to Boardmasters, Merthyr, Leeds and so on…



Now, there were some in between this, like my nails for California, Chicago & Riot Fest, I just sadly took like zero pics. So the next ones worth documenting are these AMAZING Halloween ones. I wanted a Jack and Sally theme to go with the general (you guessed it!) Jack & Sally couples costumes, at Disney itself, as you can see…


Disney Pic

More recently, yesterday I had my Christmas nails done! I was so excited, I panicked when it came to the color – they were a little more mermaidy than the season dictates, and something more solidly blue, or at least silvery blue would probably have looked better. But I love these gorgeous snowflake nails with the white ‘snow’ glitter falling either way… now I just need to go out and have some fun with them! I’m going to a gig tomorrow, and Uprawr’s Big Deal Winter Party on Saturday, so probably a great place to start!

Xmas Nails


Do you get your nails done or do you do them yourself? xx